🌱 ETFs: How to research and compare ETFs like VAS, STW, IOZ & more [ETF mini-series part 3] how to

🌱 ETFs: How to research and compare ETFs like VAS, STW, IOZ & more [ETF mini-series part 3] #buildempire


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Part 3 of our ETF investing mini-series: a 5-part podcast series, aimed at building your confidence when it comes to researching, comparing and building an ETF portfolio.

In this episode, Kate & Owen walk listeners through how to research and compare different ETFs within a category. We cover how to compare large ASX ETFs including A200, STW, IOZ, VAS (ASX300) and MVW (equal weight 100). Plus, we discuss the most important step, actually making a decision and investing!

Make sure to listen to parts 1 & 2 of our ETF investing mini-series, if you haven’t already.

Be sure to download our ETF Investing Checklist (Google Doc) that we’ve created to accompany this podcast series: [https://bit.ly/etfchecklist](https://bit.ly/etfchecklist)

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DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains general financial information only. That means the information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs. Because of that, you should consider if the information is appropriate to you and your needs, before acting on it. If you’re confused about what that means or what your needs are, you should always consult a licensed and trusted financial planner. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this podcast, including any financial, taxation, and/or legal information. Remember, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The Rask Group is NOT a qualified tax accountant, financial (tax) adviser, or financial adviser.

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