🍀*NEW* HOW to Get *SECRET* PARROT & DOODLE CAT SUPER FAST In Pet Simulator X! (Roblox) how to

🍀*NEW* HOW to Get *SECRET* PARROT & DOODLE CAT SUPER FAST In Pet Simulator X! (Roblox) #buildempire


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🍀*NEW* HOW to Get *SECRET* PARROT & DOODLE CAT SUPER FAST In Pet Simulator X! (Roblox)

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👕Make Sure to Buy Some *NEW* Fire Merch! 🙂

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  1. Joe Wieseckel

    I want a secret pet please

  2. Plz give me 1 plz I am new id zayed10106

  3. I can’t afford the game pass so can I have some robux!? User: penguins4life456…. Love the vids

  4. I’m so sad because I can’t afford the secret game-pass so numerous or anybody else could someone give me the robux plzzz!?

  5. tbh the merchant should be removed the merchant just takes the grinding part of the game out

  6. What is the discord server

  7. i have a feel like the merchant does not come in hardcore anymore maybe it was too op

  8. Oscars art club

    I wanna give u pet please can I have huge pet too

  9. Toresh Gurung

    I am subcribe pls sent me huge pet my id name is togito

  10. withwillin but on pc

    Cartoon coins enchants IS the best method, I only had 10 trash pets (and then 12 power pets) with cartoony coins III, IV, and V and was getting 500k per tick with max boosts.

  11. Seedless cantaloupe gaming

    When I went to merchant it said out of stock! LOL

  12. Numerous i just send you hhr normal for sing in mail box about 2 weeks ago and i didnt got it back ?

  13. Rami's Adventures


  14. Hi I am a new fan I got scammed by overpaying for de secret pet and I feel really sad pls give me a Huge for all my pets

  15. Ninjaboy2013_Pro

    today i just sold a rainbow one for 17b

  16. CA anyone gift me I am a noob name is :jonigodsuperior

  17. his voice sounds like Pinkleaf! Is it just me?

  18. just buy them from the merchant

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