🍬NO FARMING🎃 How to get STEAMPUNK SET ~Royale High how to

🍬NO FARMING🎃 How to get STEAMPUNK SET ~Royale High #buildempire


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The steampunk clockwork skirt, steampunk inventor bodice, and steampunk undercity sword belt are all the new items in the new Royale High Halloween update. Let’s see what it takes to trade for the set and what it’s value is!

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I Traded 💎1 DIAMOND💎 Into A HALO
➡️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thtT9RyDSYg&list=PLZ-frFTRH9EcbukclKus_L6m0AxOOuHqH&index=2

👑 What type of Royale High player are you? Take this QUIZ to find out!✨
➡️ www.youtube.com/watch?v=037LLQapAig

BADGE RAIDING ROYALE HIGH SERVERS😱w/ BeaPlays Roblox, Suzy Builds, Maf & Fer
➡️ www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Aru2Xhls7Q

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  1. 🎁The Steampunk Inventor sends you a GIFT of one of their creations ~~~ 🎃 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBunSkWe4P4

  2. 🌼•мεʟ•🌼 愛してる

    okay but now i regret farming 40k candies now Tauri got a big win there 😢

  3. kerlone_ hawqk

    me who farmed for it

  4. It’s kinda weird bc for example the skirt is 10k candies transfered to diamond ( 3x ) is 30k- so I understand like idk 5k bonus or smh but that’s just too much

  5. 你好honey Lily

    ㄔㄗ!ㄔㄇㄧㄐㄛ ㄑㄟㄐ ㄔㄘㄛㄋㄒㄛㄋ!

  6. I watched ur vid on the new halo, and i havent gotten it, but im still trying, ur vid on the answers has helped me alot, just hope ur able to get that halo too

  7. ☻ It’s Zoe ! ☻-in school

    I have never been this early lol

  8. ⭐️ Starry..Monster 👾

    its easy for people who have a crazy amount of diamonds :,)

  9. 🦋 adamaris 🦋


  10. LilyLikesLosing

    whats lowballing?

  11. I tried to trade for it
    I was kinda only interested in the corset, I did get it tho for a pretty good trade too

  12. Potatolver_playz


  13. thanks so muchhh!!

  14. What i do is get one piece of the set at a time like yesterday I got the skirt and did the maze and got the wings all i need is the sword and the bodice 😀

  15. snowsarendelle disney lover

    If only I were rich

  16. When you dont have enough dims or accessories to trade: 🥲

  17. Tysm Tauri!
    Love your videos

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