🔴 How to Draw MECH! how to

🔴 How to Draw MECH! #buildempire


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Follow along with instructor Iggy as he goes over how to draw mech.. A.K.A robots! 🤖

Iggy teaches Cartooning & Anime at Winged Canvas.

🕐 Timestamps
0:00 – Introduction
5:30 – What is mecha?
13:41 – Using 3D shapes
19:16 – Maintaining mobility
26:53 – What is greebling?
31:40 – Sketching a winged mech
1:21:14 – Coloring a winged mech

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  1. - PouncingChicken -

    I’d never actually heard the word for adding extra details to a shape that don’t do anything but look cool. Greeble. Interesting, very cool. Thanks for all the work you do!

  2. Man, youre all saying ‘like’ way to much. Its annoying.

  3. Christian van Elzelingen

    Super relevant to what I’m drawing right now! Nice ✨

  4. Sir Toast the Third

    1st! Also ty for posting this, this really helps me when I draw mechs 😀 Thank you so much!

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