1st Recipe in our Outdoor Kitchen Zoana Burgers Recipe in Urdu Hindi -RKK recipes

1st Recipe in our Outdoor Kitchen Zoana Burgers Recipe in Urdu Hindi -RKK #buildempire

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1st Recipe in our Outdoor Kitchen Zoana Burgers Recipe in Urdu Hindi -RKK

Ye hai humari 1st recipe outdoor kitchen me. Umeed hai aapko pasand ayegi.

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  1. Muhammad Anwar

    Beautiful view❤❤❤❤

  2. Love uu tooooo…my fvrt mam

  3. Khatarnaak😍

  4. Tahseen Fatima


  5. Tahseen Fatima

    Nice recipe,, i will surely try it soon… My baby was so happy to see your videos.. he was so happy that he was waving his hand to say hello during the whole video…

  6. Sadaf daily life with kids

    Zabar10 moo me Pani agaya 😋

  7. Aashi Mehmood

    Very beautiful g 😍 ❤️

  8. Bas Pachi Milnas

    Congrats on your new outdoor cooking and what an introduction-Zoana Burger! You’re awesome. So creative. You must patent the name of this burger. Who knows what future holds. Anyway, this recipe is great. The tawa is very handy. Hope to see more outdoor recipe’s in the near future. Thanks for your generous recipe video contributions. Did you know many people like me depend on your recipe’s for our friends and family get togethers be it indoor or outdoor. Thank you again.

  9. Moodie_ August 14

    Badme iss tawe ko aap clean kaise karege

  10. Tabassum Siddiqui

    for the beautiful new outdoor kitchen, May Allah Taalah give barket in your kitchen. Ameen…. I have a question can we use beef mince.

  11. ubqari mahnama

    Subhan Allah


    Delicious kia iss ko freeze Kar sakty hain???

  13. Super Duper lady Ruby mam❤️🤲

  14. Muhammad rajpoot

    Aunte Yammy

  15. Senorita Sue

    Plz give us the tour of your outdoor kitchen.
    I am also thinking to have one , share the detail of your contractor and the cost ?
    I will appreciate…. Thanks

  16. Healthy routine with Taha

    Masha Allah,soo nice to see you

  17. Amazing outdoor setup😍

  18. rafatullah mrs

    Aap konse state mein hein

  19. Zoya Chougle

    So yummy😋👌
    Thank you apne outdoor kitchen me hume yaad karne k liye love you aunty❤❤ please apne ghar ki hume bhi share karwaye😍😍

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