3 easy vegan recipes for beginners | vegan basics recipes

3 easy vegan recipes for beginners | vegan basics #buildempire

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today we’re making 3 easy vegan recipes for beginners! whether you or someone you know is just getting started with vegan/plant-based food, these are some meals that you need to know 🥰

✹ recipes mentioned ✹
vegan “tuna” chickpea salad → https://bit.ly/3ifIOpv
buffalo cauliflower wings → https://bit.ly/3UA9DWK
potato cashew cheese sauce → https://bit.ly/3xdU8qm

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recipe blog | https://sarahsvegankitchen.com/
email | sarah@sarahsvegankitchen.com

0:00 vegan recipes for beginners
0:19 vegan chickpea tuna salad
0:42 how to make chickpea tuna salad
2:46 simple vegan tuna salad sandwich
3:01 vegan tuna melt
3:21 buffalo cauliflower wings
3:50 preparing the cauliflower
4:13 making a simple batter
5:14 serving the buffalo cauliflower
7:11 vegan cashew cheese sauce
7:36 how to make vegan cheese sauce
9:37 vegan mac and cheese
9:58 easy vegan nacho cheese sauce
10:33 outro


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  1. Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

    hope you all enjoy this week’s video!

    for our friends who have been plant-based for a while: what was your favorite meal to make when you first went vegan? hit us with the nostalgia ☺

  2. Nicole Elizabeth

    I love your videos so much, especially how they’ve been lately! I want to try all of these recipes. 🥰

  3. Onions are purple not red

  4. The best healthy mayo replacement is Foragers sour cream. 😍

  5. forever my fav youtube channel <3

  6. Gustavo Gómez

    really good!!

  7. Ugh! Every thing looks so good. That sandwich 🤌🏽

  8. Yes please to a video on aquafaba!

  9. Good to see you happier Sarah! I’m glad you are excited about cooking cause I am excited too! <3

  10. This was like a trip down memory lane. 🙂 I still eat chickpea salad all the time. Curry and chili were my favorite things to make when I first went vegan .(and still are) Both are very forgiving, can use whatever veg I have on hand with a can of beans and are so satisfying.

  11. Kimberly Henry

    No ranch or blue cheese…I like a creamy dill sauce instead for my buffalo cauliflower. 🙂

  12. I’m not vegan but I do enjoy including vegan recipes from time to time. The one I want to try first is the Vegan Chick pea salad. That looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  13. Ina G puts hummus on the bread, then adds tuna. Brilliant idea.
    I’m going to make chickpea salad sandwiches, even though I’m not a beginner. ❤

  14. A Sarah video on my birthday? Such a gift! I made your potato corn chowder from a few videos ago and my wife loved it! Which is a huge compliment as she is the queen of “its good but it’d be so much better if you added (insert meat product here)”

  15. Can’t believe I’ve been watching you since 2015-16….it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago~!!
    Always love these simple staples, thanks for the refresher lady =) (and Eric!)

  16. Great recipes! Thanks 😊

  17. Wonderful!!!!

  18. I loved mayo based salad sandwiches too as a kid. And now I love chickpea salad sandwiches. So good.

  19. Mosca Froglover

    Always love your vids💖

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