43. How to leave left hand fingers down on the violin. how to

43. How to leave left hand fingers down on the violin. #buildempire


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By popular demand! All for Strings – a new Violin for Beginners course. In this violin lesson, you will learn how to play exercise 113 on page 33 in your book. We will be learning how to leave your fingers down on the G string when you play the violin.

Join this course if you are a new to learning how to play the violin, if you are already playing the violin with the All for Strings book or if you are a re-starter. This course contains step by step violin instruction – all violin tutorials are easy to follow, slow and presented in a friendly manner.

What you need for this course:
– a violin and bow
– a shoulder-rest
– rosin
– an All for Strings book. The Theory book is optional.
– a music stand

You can find my preferred instruments and accessories in my shop below.
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Beginner violin players, please also check out our course “Learn to Play Suzuki Violin”, https://youtu.be/C9S8L_giVz0​​​​​.

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