5 WAYS TO *INSTANTLY* IMPROVE YOUR WRITING ✔📓 how to write your book better (writer habits) how to

5 WAYS TO *INSTANTLY* IMPROVE YOUR WRITING ✔📓 how to write your book better (writer habits) #buildempire


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today i’ll be diving into 5 of my best tips and writing habits to improve your writing technique! things you can do now and in the future to help build your skills as a writer and create better stories! hope these tips help bestieee.

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  1. I love these tips!!💛 my favourite one over the years has definitely been “reading like a writer” 🙂 annotating stories and studying narrative structure has helped me immensely, but the tip you mentioned about “calling yourself a writer” is honestly underrated! so many writers talk down to themselves when they shouldn’t. if writing is meaningful to you, then you *are* a writer :))

  2. carolyn frasier

    thx so much for all the hard work you do for the videos girl <3 we appreciate you

  3. Who remembers when she was a rainbow loomer? Her channel is perfect. I love looming and writing so like when i want to loom, I just head to your channels old videos. When I wanna write, I check out ur old videos

  4. Hi, Ana! This has honestly really helped. I’m currently writing an Angel/Demon apocalyptic story and have a habit of trying to edit my first drafts while writing them so I’m definitely going to get into the routine of Habit 3. You are my main motivation for writing and I consider you as one of my writing friends that I can always go to when I need help with writing. Also, I loved your eyeliner today! Have a good day 🙂

  5. patricia hayley ellis

    Hi again. Thanks for your writing tips.
    The only writing tips I use is be kind to myself and my health. Since it is the change of season and my sinus goes crazy, which also affects my poor eyes.

    Sometimes, i would get kaleidoscope vision and then a bad migraine.
    It’s when you see blurry object obscure a little bit of your vision before it gets bigger. 30 minutes later it’s gone and leaving behind a not nice headache. And sometimes I don’t get any headaches if i do get kaleidoscope vision. But that only occurs whenever it feels like it.

    I have already stopped eating some snacks that would cause it. But the last 3 days i got it. Except today i didn’t get any headaches.

    My writing vibe, it depending on the music that helps with the scene. Or i listen to some other auther Tuber. And sometimes during the night when i can’t sleep, i procrastinate a few different versions of how the scene plays out.

    Depending if i don’t fall asleep and dream about writing out the scene.
    I have done that before, only to think about the scene a week later and can’t remember what I did with it.

    Thanks again for this awesome vlog or podcast. Looking forward to hearing your other writing helpful vibes. Cheers.

  6. forgot to tell you on your last video, love your hair! I’m in two yeays on the same manuscript. Its getting kind of tiring but its confusing because i still love my story and my characters but im getting lost on what to do next, even though i know where my story is going. I don’t know, wanted to spill that out. Your videos are amazing!

  7. Readerobsession

    Ana slaying with the new videos and new hair

  8. Alex Pallares Sierra

    Thank you very much for the advise

  9. ana, i just wanted to say thank you so much for these videos 🥺 i’m currently writing my first novel and hoping to get it published (either by self-publishing or with an actual publisher) and your videos have helped me so much to be more confident about my work/have more faith in myself that I can do this 💓 lots of love to you! 🦋✨

  10. Calli Perry-Leslie

    Thank you for these tips. I totally agree and recommend writing on paper especially when writing short forms of writing like poetry or flash to get first drafts done. I also recommend The Great Gatsby to read as a writer if you haven’t all ready. As a reader I understand its not the most interesting book available but as a writer I think its a good look in how to craft a story with complexed characters and a unreliable narrator. I think Kris MF also did a video on books that impacted her writing which might be useful for you. 🙂

  11. 1:29

    Did you make that journal? I’ve seen it in the background of some of your videos and always wondered if it was handmade.

  12. libby's books

    thank you so much for the tips, your videos motivate me to write

  13. 1:06 write on paper
    3:14 read like a writer
    5:20 don’t edit as you write
    6:11 call yourself a writer
    7:14 don’t focus on word count, focus on time spent on your writing

    great video as always ana! <3

  14. Reading like writer is so helpful. I’ll usually write down a short review when I’m 25% through the book, then 50%, then 75%, then at the end, the review being over the plot, characters, and writing itself. It helps me recognize what I like and dislike and how I feel about the pacing because I struggle with pacing. That way, I can incorporate that into my own writing. Reflecting on what you read as a writer is so valuable.

  15. Thank you so much for the tips, you are the reason me and my best friend are writing a book together ❤

  16. roastyiscrazy

    i’m currently writing draft 2 of my book and i’m already at 43k (i just started the book in january) and since i didn’t have an original outline i had to rewrite the wholeeee thing and i’ve gave myself a deadline to finish it by june 30th, and ur videos always give me so much motivation to write!!

  17. Je'Lia Morris

    Your videos are so inspiring ana can’t wait till your next post <3

  18. off topic but you look gorgeous with black hair ❤😊

  19. Am going on a detox and i will definitely miss your content😭

  20. siriuslyunsirius

    oh my gosh about a week ago i got my computer taken away for a few days and i ended up writing all my thoughts on paper 😂 it totally works

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