7 Style Mistakes 99% of Men Make (and how to fix them!) how to

7 Style Mistakes 99% of Men Make (and how to fix them!) #buildempire


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Most men are just now learning how to dress well while women have been doing it for years. These small adjustments that you can make to your outfit will completely change the way you look. In today’s video we are going over 7 common style mistakes MOST men still make. Watch the video and let me know if you learned something new!

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    Which style mistake did you learn about today?
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  2. Thanks for information. Alex Sir 😘😍

  3. Love form Guyana❤

  4. Anders Krøjberg

    I get the point of having it all baggy or all slim, but why are you then wearing giant boots with slim pants that un-proportionate too

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    5:06 end of promotion

  6. Hey bro , I am from kerala,India. We cant get your products,whoop.

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    Dude i love you

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    Love from Nepal🇳🇵

  9. Hello Alex you don’t mind i saw a Jesus tattoo on your leg please remove it thank you.

  10. Whoop is great but too expensive for a monthly basis

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  12. Because of this great man in this world I have a girlfriend

  13. Hey Alex, always love your content. But please upload more often.

  14. Slim pants (not skinny) wit chunky sneaks looks very good. It brings the attention to the shoe and bunch of models on social media make it work. If you have nice muscular legs and overall nice phisque, it worksm

  15. team cristiano 7

    Highly inspired by your videos 🔥👏

  16. Love u alex .. Gonna met soon

  17. Thumbnail really just said “😒 > 😎”

  18. I just tried the crew cut✌

  19. Alex always got our back 💪

  20. MarroQuin Gómez

    In my case, skinny jeans suit me better than Slim fit, slim fit is wide on me

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