9 Squash Recipes to Make the Most of This Year’s Harvest recipes

9 Squash Recipes to Make the Most of This Year’s Harvest #buildempire

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Hello Food Wishers! Chef John’s Corporate Overlords here with 9 squash recipes to make while squash is in season! From Loaded Butternut Squash “Cordon Bleu” to Sausage & Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash to Zucchini Ricotta Casserole, squash makes a delicious and nutritious meal. For an appetizer, Fried Stuffed Squash Blossoms are elegant and delicious, and nothing says fall quite like a bowl of Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. Whether you’ve got acorn, pattypan, zucchini, or butternut, Chef John has the perfect squash recipe for you!

Loaded Butternut Squash “Cordon Bleu”:

Fried Stuffed Squash Blossoms:

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup:

Sausage & Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash:

Delicata Squash:

Zucchini Ricotta Casserole:

Butternut Mascarpone Gnocchi:

Grilled Pattypan Squash with Chorizo Vinaigrette:

Summer Squash Sausage Stew:

00:00 Loaded Butternut Squash “Cordon Bleu”
07:35 Fried Stuffed Squash Blossoms
13:35 Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
21:09 Sausage & Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash
25:46 Delicata Squash
32:16 Zucchini Ricotta Casserole
36:06 Butternut Mascarpone Gnocchi
42:00 Grilled Pattypan Squash with Chorizo Vinaigrette
48:21 Summer Squash Sausage Stew

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  1. Lawrence Taylor

    Do you have any recipes for squash balls? I’ve recycled the racket and use it instead of a strainer, but I want to do sports in a more sustainable manner.

  2. Not a big fan of butternut or acorn squash. I was willing to try your recipes, but the links do not all give me a complete recipe. Some will give just the ingredients and no instructions, some links go nowhere. I really like a lot of your stuff and was hoping you could change my mind on squash, but I guess not. This is the first time I hit the ‘dislike’ button on you.

  3. I really do love the idea of that cordon bleu, but honestly any recipe that shows me how to cut a butternut squash is actually showing me how to go to the ER with one fewer fingers than I had when I woke up. I can’t even bench-press 20lb so pushing a knife through one of those things isn’t happening. 😕 It looks delicious, though.

  4. Every time I see a “curvaceous” Butternut Squash in the store I’m going to start CRACKING UP 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks Chef John.

  5. Karen Colomb

    I like flipping things…pancakes, houses, scripts😂

  6. I now have a policy that if i get two adverts at the beginning and start getting full leingh ads in the programe as well it gets closed/

  7. Ruperto Lein

    Great ways to make squash, by the way your site has a lot of trolls replying to comments we make

  8. Denise Harrell

    The delicata would also be good with Major Grey’s chutney…

  9. Denise Harrell

    Save those delicata squash seeds to plant in that garden!!

  10. Geylekin Fraire

    Love ‘the lords of ur loaded gourds’! Thanku Chef John for ringing in yummy fall dishes! 🍁

  11. Thank you so much! I was always wondering what I could do with squash and you came with great ideas! Will try few recipes for sure!

  12. Catherine Dsouza


  13. Michelle Boodoo

    What do you recommend to replace the ham?

  14. Don’t you have cheese peelers in the US?

  15. Fillet knives for fish are the way to go for squash and pumpkins! Once you make this cut there will be no other buts…

  16. Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  17. Love your videos, great ideas.

  18. The squash blossoms made me inexplicably blush.

  19. Bryan Mcwhirter

    Absolutely great! Just bought 4 to try different recipes. Thankyou Chef John. Bryan from Canada.

  20. I made this and it came out great! Thank you so much

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