9 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance! *how to fix* how to

9 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance! *how to fix* #buildempire


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9 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance! Everything is linked below!

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  1. Melissa Beatty

    I agree with the fact that we need to go more towards natural looking makeup that enhances. I was actually just thinking about this a day or two ago and I think we are beginning to forget what we naturally look like.

  2. Agreed with all points especially tops with cut-outs, they’re so cheap looking. I don’t see anyone wearing them here in Los Angeles. Maybe in the early 2000’s but they’re so *BAD* lol

  3. OmerGosh .. there was a 45 min “presentation” in the middle of your 11 min video! .. it was actually kinda interesting but i was eager to get back to YOUR video so i stopped it around 3 min’s.
    If it was at the end of your video i could have listened to it while cleaning the house just so you’d get paid a hefty amt for it from yt . . .i know you don’t have any control over the ads, just wanted to let you know what goes on over here on our side. 😉

    P.s. i agree 100% with everything you talked about here.

    On a side note .. my Mom never would let me wear a ring on every finger (which i wanted to do so badly) because it looks cheap, and makes the girl look ‘cheap’ like she sleeps around with a lot of guys.
    I highly disagree with that notion but that was back in the day when modesty was highly valued.

  4. Glad you touched on lip fillers and eye lash extensions. It amazes me when I see these youtube influencer think the lip filler and I’m thinking it looks odd, lumpy and causes distortion… weird. They seem to be more obsessed and then do more

  5. I agree with most but I also don’t like the fake nails you have on. Too big looking plus they look cheap.😬❤

  6. There is no way I’m having anything done to my face. I don’t want to look like a fish.😄

  7. Marlene Parker

    Pencil thin eyebrows look cheap.

  8. These are thetricks I do for makeup on my clothes. First one is when I put my top on I put a shower cap over my face, second one is (I know it is bad) I hairspray around the bottom of my face. Since doing this it is very rare I have makeup on my collar.

  9. Agree completely, BUT…. I am aging and with that, I have thinning and hair loss, including my eyebrows and lashes. I would love a video from you with healthy, classy recommendations for these areas (and possibly more) that can help us get that natural look when these products are used correctly and sparingly. LOVE your videos!

  10. Kassandra Rodriguez

    All good points

  11. Hate the thick eyelashes! And the lip liner, so obvious!

  12. I will never get filler. I think in the long run many of those things will make you look older faster. Remember, they want you to keep coming back. They want you addicted. Inflammation accelerated aging., and that’s exactly what they are doing. Your skin will fight again it.

  13. tolohuexochitl3

    What looks bad is the half shaved head – blue hair thing. Though I get it, the point is to say “I don’t care what anyone thinks and I hate convention.” But um, actually, you are spending WAY more time on your “not caring” appearance than most people spend!

  14. I can’t tell you how ridiculous some women look with those super long eyelashes. You can hardly concentrate on what they are saying.

  15. Sunset at Shabooms

    The cattapillar lashes. Ugh. Im embarrassed for them

  16. Everybody Loves Luna

    Shea! What color/ brand lipstick are you wearing in this video? You are lovely❤

  17. Kathlene Evans

    I recently purchased Paradise mascara by L’oreal. I just love it!!! The fullest my lashes have ever looked. Lengthens and thickens! Your lashes would look amazing! You should give it a try!! BTW I love your channel! Love your quirkiness and interesting opinions!

  18. You crack me up! Great vid; great info!

  19. Hi Shea. I completely agree with everything you pointed out! Thank you!

  20. LOVE you with more color on your lips!!❤️❤️❤️

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