Ableton Live & The Connected Stage MasterClass: How To Control Anything With Ableton how to

Ableton Live & The Connected Stage MasterClass: How To Control Anything With Ableton #buildempire


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Learn to control lights, lyrics, guitar pedals, your soundboard, and more with Ableton Live in my MasterClass: Ableton Live and The Connected Stage.

Imagine this: you step on stage. You press one button. Your lights, lyrics, visuals, and guitar pedals (or whatever you want) automatically sync and run perfectly. No missed cues. Ever.

This is 100% possible. It’s how major artists, put on some of the biggest shows every year. And you can do it, too, with The Connected Stage. And today, I’m going to teach you how.

You won’t ever have to worry about manually hitting a lighting, visual, or lyrics cue ever again. Instead, you’ll be free to focus on your performance while Ableton takes care of the rest.

There are 3 elements you need to master, and we’ll deep dive into each one.

-Understanding Ableton Live Control Types
-Connecting Ableton Live To Your Gear
-Applying The Connected Stage Framework
Let’s get started!

Here’s what people are saying about From Studio to Stage:

“I found this site on day four of ten days off in between tour legs. At the end of the first day, I completely rebuilt our 90-minute set and included a ton of patch changes and effects automation for our keyboard rigs and playback. I was able to completely minimize my time at the computer and maximize my time at the front of the stage and focus on delivering a great show. “

“Thanks again so much Will! Your Ableton courses have leveled me up so much quicker than I ever could have by myself. As the Music Director at a church of a few thousand people, the expectations are high, and having you and your courses as a resource have been a huge blessing.”

“From Studio to Stage enables musicians and playback techs to create a healthier experience with tracks for artists, while taking show elements to a new level. I was comfortable using Ableton before, but now I’m absolutely confident in a live situation.”

“Even as someone who has 8+ years in Ableton and experience with a lot of automation, From Studio to Stage has challenged me to rethink my approaches, inspired me in my own application, and even changed my mind about how I plan to use it in the future. Full of great content that helps take the mystery out of Ableton Live. ”

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0:00 MasterClass Introduction: Ableton Live & The Connected Stage
0:44 Welcome to fromstudiotostage!
1:26 The Connected Stage: High Production and Perfectly in Sync
2:36 Intro & My Experience
3:33 Goal of Masterclass: How can I control _ with Ableton Live?
4:20 Master 3 Steps: Understand Control Types, Making the Connection & Framework
6:07 Ableton Live Control Types: MIDI Notes & Program Changes
7:06 MIDI Notes: Note On & Off, Velocity & MIDI Channel
10:36 When you should choose MIDI notes and how to apply it
11:58 MIDI Program Changes (PC): MSB, LSB, PC
12:52 How to send and create Program Changes (including previous versions)
14:46 How to Apply PC, MSB, and LSB Messages
18:16 SMPTE Timecode: Hour, Minute, Second, Frame
20:02 SMPTE Flavors: LTC (Audio) and MTC (MIDI) Differences
21:54 Send MIDI Timecode through LiveMTC Plugin / Other Resources
24:14 Free Timecode Template
26:47 Will’s Preference Between LTC and MTC
27:32 Making the Connection: Connect Ableton to Control Various Areas
28:17 Types of Routing (Internal, External, Network) & Signals (Audio, MIDI)
29:10 Internal Routing: BlackHole, Loopback, iConnectivity Audio4C
31:54 Internal Routing-MIDI: IAC Driver (Mac) & LoopBe1 (Windows)
32:59 External Routing-Audio: 2 Audio Interfaces & Interface-Stage Snake-Console
34:18 External Routing-MIDI: Interfaces, Cables, Extenders, & Ethernet
36:01 Network Routing-Audio: Dante & AVB
36:55 Network Routing-MIDI: Network MIDI, Bome Network, RTP MIDI, ipMIDI, iConnectivity
40:34 Summary: Control Types, Make the Connection
41:10 Applying the Connected Stage Framework: Scenario 1
45:29 Applying the Connected Stage Framework: Scenario 2
51:06 Learn about the Connected Stage and more at
53:35 Benefits of Subscribing: Community, Monthly Calls, Discounts
55:36 Thank you for watching!

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