Almond Roasted Brussels // Air Fryer Recipes You Will Love 💗 // Southern Cooking recipes

Almond Roasted Brussels // Air Fryer Recipes You Will Love 💗 // Southern Cooking #buildempire

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Almond Roasted Brussel💗s // Air Fryer Recipes You Will Love // Southern Cooking
Recipes you will Love – Old Fashioned Recipes – Collard Valley Cooks
These brussel sprouts are soft on it inside and have a crisp texture on the outside. The almonds are absolutely delicious and give it a nice crunch! This recipe is not in one of our cookbooks, but it is printable free from our website here:
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With the economy’s food prices rising sky high, it is a great time to purchase staple ingredients and cook at home. This recipe has simple ingredients that you should already have in your own kitchen. Add this great brussel sprout recipe to your menu planning this week!
Do you miss your Mama’s cooking? Don’t miss this chance to learn how to do it! By watching Tammy on Collard Valley Cooks, you will discover the world of southern cooking through the eyes of a Georgia raised country girl. She shares her Family Recipe Secrets and Southern Cooking Recipes!
Tammy Nichols is certain that a recipe is not enough to gain the inside scoops and tips that you need to learn. Join us today and experience what it is like to cook in a Southern kitchen. Gain knowledge and skills that only our mama’s had, and you will see the results when your family brags about your cooking!
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Tammy Nichols is on a mission to teach YOU how to cook just like mama did! She enjoys being in the kitchen bringing you everyday dishes that her mama, granny and maw maw made. No fancy ingredients, just good old country girl cooking. Tammy grew up on Collard Valley Road in Cedartown – Polk County (NW) Georgia. She now lives in Saint Marys, GA. with her husband who is retired from the GA. School System and has girls in college at Georgia Southern in Savannah, Georgia. Thanks for watching and Happy Cooking Like Mama Did!!

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  1. Good catch!

  2. LOVE brussel sprouts

  3. Kathy, The Dutchess of Montfort

    Never spray a non stick pan with the can sprays. It eats thru the pan. You can use olive oil or canola or vegetable oils if you use your own spray bottle.😊

  4. That looks delicious, BTW, aerosol spray cans (like Pam and similar brands) are known to cause chipping in many air fryer baskets. Have a blessed day.

  5. Theresa Marais

    Thanks for this great recipe. I have a Brussels addict in my house so this is going to be great! Greetings from South Africa 🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Your meal looked delicious. I love Brussels, and they looked amazing.

  7. sheryl eldridge

    Good afternoon Tammy and Chris. Food looks absolutely delicious 😋. Have a Blessed Weekend.

  8. Hello Mrs. Tammy looking good and a different side dish👌🏾❤

  9. My mother in law just got me an air fryer for Christmas so this is really timely! Time to get cooking ☺️

  10. I love airfryer Brussels!! Everything taste so good in the airfryer. Good too see you Tammy and camera man Chris. ❤NewJersey ❤

  11. Looks soooo good. I need to buy an air fryer. Thanks for the inspiration.

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