Angelix Club – How to get Sirenix Transformation Tutorial how to

Angelix Club – How to get Sirenix Transformation Tutorial #buildempire


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link on game:
A new transformation Sirenix has been released on Angelix Club today!
In this video I will show you how to get Sirenix Transformation.This is a very difficult and long mission. So please support me.
my nickname: Nastyam_YT

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  1. the question arose and in what places does a fragment from the sirenix box appear in lympfea?

  2. 🌠ShiningLightStarrina🌠

    🥺OMG I can’t believe Angelux is bring back good old memories transformations I hope they bring back bloomix too☺💞

  3. Sorry i was late to comment flora thanks for the tutorial anyway!!!

  4. Надежда Куприянова

    I am not find sirenix box

  5. Bloom Magie des Winx

    I picked up the 4 sirenix boxes and I didn’t get the sirenix why ??

  6. Galaxy_Princessytfan

    Could any of you find the shard in the forest? Everytime i get there there isn’t anything. Even when i wait some time 🙁

  7. Yulieth Corted

    Thaks flora

  8. U finally get it nice

  9. FloraFairyoffNature

    Can you do a toturial for flora her coin quest?

  10. im tecna u saw inside

  11. I realy love your viedos

  12. SonneStandMeer

    I couldn’t find any of the shards 🙁

  13. Nela hriňová

    thansk so much

  14. сбабдпдядс

    Лучшая! <3

  15. Dani Metodiev

    Game pls???

  16. BloomBaseForm

    Привет это я Danu_142, а как монеты получать

  17. BloomFairyOfDragon

    Ty Flora!

  18. Bloom★Fromdominodragon_YT★

    But people are fighting over it

  19. I don’t play it anymore because they only have the season 1 outfits

  20. How can we collect 200 coins flora can you do a tutoriel of how to get 200 coins please i luv you<3

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