Authentic Karachi Korma Recipe – Easy Step by Step Korma Recipe recipes

Authentic Karachi Korma Recipe – Easy Step by Step Korma Recipe #buildempire

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Dahi/ Yoghurt 750gms
Oil/Ghee 1.5 cups
Beef 2kg Boneless
Coriander Powder 3tsp
Red Chili Powder 2tsp
Salt 2tsp
Cumin 1tsp
Nutmeg Mace Powder 2pinches
Ginger Garlic Paste 2tbs
Black Pepper Corns 10pcs
Cloves 4
Green Cardamom 4
Black Cardamom 1
Fried Onion Powder 100gms
Kewra 3drops

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  1. Masha Allah afzal bhai sari recipes boht hi selected aur achi hoti hein aur quality wali
    Mein ne personally boht seekha hay aap ki cooking se aur boht recipes try ki hein aap ki without fail
    Allah barkat aur taraqi ata farmaye Ameen

  2. Farhana's Kitchen

    Nice korma recipe 👍
    Looking so yummy 😋👌
    Thank you for sharing this recipe.
    Please stay happy and connected.

  3. Ek aur alaa recipe masha Allah afzal bhai

  4. Spicy Food Zone

    Mashallah look so yummy 😋🥰

  5. Great recipe! Blessings chef in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ who is the only True God and who ONLY can forgive sins.🙏

  6. the most important ingredient here is the meat if the meat is not good then any spice makes sense we must choose the good meat then salt alone would be perfect

  7. Naari Sanskaari

    Will try…hope so my family will like this time

  8. Zabrdast bro. . kya es recipe me dahnya or mirch ki garnishing nhi hoti

  9. Abdullah Zeeshan

    Chiken se bna skty

  10. M.achar. Shaikh.

    Mashallah zabrdst recipe bhai.

  11. Kitchen Secrets

    Aoa brother I have tried your mayonnaise recipe and it failed badly I got really disappointed wasted 1 kg oil and 4 eggs. Can you please redefine that recipe

  12. can u share tandoori nan recipe

  13. Zabardast, Kia hey chicken main bhi bana saktey hain?

  14. yummy zabardast and really authentic

  15. shaikh amiruddin

    Looks nice n yummy 👍👍

  16. Nice sir I like so much thanks sir

  17. Muhammad Afzal

    I think I can cook this recipe.

  18. Bro you are legend of cooking

  19. Ambreen Khokhar

    Zabardast, m from karachi really authentic recipe all ingredients are perfect as we use but steps of cooking qorma is different.

  20. Karachi ka korma bahut mashhur hai degi Korma

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