Before You Buy A G-Shock CasiOak – (Collection Guide, How To Use & Set, & Things To Consider) how to

Before You Buy A G-Shock CasiOak – (Collection Guide, How To Use & Set, & Things To Consider) #buildempire


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In this video, I’ll provide three things you need to know before looking to buy a Casio G-Shock “CasiOak” including a brief history, a general overview, and some of the best places to look within the collection. What do you guys think of the CasiOak?

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0:00 – Intro & Organization
1:11 – 1. Background
1:56 – 2. General Overview & How To Set
6:12 – 3. Understanding The Key Pillars

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  1. I had never owned a G-Shock until I bought the GA2100-1A1 last year … and I love it! The darker face takes a little getting used to but looks great on a watch that has almost perfect dimensions and depth, giving it a lower profile, ‘stealthy’ look. Last month I purchased the GM2100-1A (stainless case / resin strap). Also a beautiful watch with a great band but note that the case is shinier than Casio’s product photos would indicate (closer to chrome than to brushed stainless).

  2. GAB2100 rules for entry IMO. Bluetooth + Solar makes it not just set-and-forget, it’s literally just forget.

  3. I own 3 GA2100’s. I plan to add a GAB2100 eventually. I use Jay’s and Kay’s strap adapters on 2 of my GA2100’s for more comfortable strap choices.

  4. The same way we saw Swatch and Omega do a (very successful) collab around the Speedmaster, I think it would be fun to have Casio and Audemars Piguet do the same thing with the Royal Oak 🙂

  5. I bought my G’s to mod, now that the square is where I want it to be, (my work watch) I’ll start on the oak. So far I have enough parts in mind that supercede the price of the watch itself.

  6. Teddy, I want to say thank you for sharing your ideas on your YouTube channel and through your articles. My knowledge of watches has increased so much since I started following you. On suggestion I have is that I would like to see you do some interviews with the owners of some American microbrand companies, like Detroit Watch Company, Weiss Watch Company, and Vortic Watches like you did with RGM Watches. It seems the last 10 years have been the beginnings of an American watch manufacturing renaissance movement. These brands are definitely underrated, and it would be interesting to see you use your platform to draw attention to these companies and this movement. I can imagine in another 5-10 years, there will be a American movement manufacturer and truly 100% made in America watches.

  7. Where was this video when I accidentally bought 4? You could have saved me!

  8. Mahmoud samir

    gm 2100 and gm b2100 are not the same case at all

  9. For 99 bucks I have 2 and you can not go wrong with these. You get that gshock quality without the bulky gshock look that some other analog-digital models have. I prefer the resin case as opposed to metal so Im looking for my next one to be a solar/bluetooth model. Hoping 2023 they will have some cool colors coming out. I also prefer the positive display as opposed to negative but its not a deal breaker.

  10. Thanks for explaining the differences between the models. I was always confused or too lazy to look them up.

  11. patrick hannon

    Love the full metal jacket version-but the price is rather off putting. I think I would go with the metal case/resin strap combo for value for money. Great way to dip your toe into the World of watch collecting!

  12. Hayden Van Meeteren

    Important to know also: if you get a lighter colored model the bezel will discolor. I got a face colored 2100, which looks great, but it has marks all over it. I wish I would’ve gotten the yellow version with a black bezel

  13. Is it worth buying the Bluetooth option over the standard version. I like the idea of the lifetime battery with the tough solar on the Bluetooth option but judging from my other casios. idk if battery is a real problem.

  14. Holy Sh.. this comment section is spammed with investing comments, it speeds like the plaque 🤮

  15. I personally own the blue resin with the grey bezel, i feel for the price point, you cannot go wrong with them, if you like that style of watch. I feel Casio in general make do make very good watches for their price point. I’ve owned a Marinemaster for years with no issues whatsover, even the 10 year battery has been in the watch for around 17 years now and his still running. I also own a Casio Duro and for the price point, you are getting plenty of watch.

  16. Stephen Plumbley

    Wearing my black on black GA2100 right now. I love the overall look of it, but the legibility is pretty much garbage. That being said, it gets plenty of wrist time.

  17. I had one for the longest time and recently gave it away. No particular reason, it’s a cool watch but my tastes have changed. Thanks for the review.

  18. Travis Decker

    Love the Casioak and Gshock for what they are but they aren’t my style.
    I couldn’t see myself ever wearing one.

  19. Michael Doherty

    It’s funny I was just debating if I should buy this or not. This helps a lot.

  20. So what are the rules for copying other watch styles? I just ordered a Seiko speed timer which is an unabashed copy of the platinum Daytona I dream to own one day, how is Seiko allowed to do this??

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