Bernie Sanders on Billionaires, Healthcare and How To Get Rid of Trumpism how to

Bernie Sanders on Billionaires, Healthcare and How To Get Rid of Trumpism #buildempire


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From this special live one-off event, Russell Howard sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss his latest book, his stance on US politics, and what he hopes for the future of politics.
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  1. Larisa Lindemann

    Bernie is one of a kind! No other like him in the US or even close. He walks the talk including joining picket lines in support of workers. He’s been warning people for decades about the inequality gap & he’s right. He tells the truth & is a warrior for equality & justice for ALL not just the wealthy. A true patriot here.

  2. JeMangeLaPoubelle

    Bernie is calling for the revolution… Let’s get moving people

  3. GEN - X - 三FPV三

    I voted for Bernie Sanders for president and I’d do it again.

  4. TheOneTrueEfrate

    Like and commenting for algorithm. This needs to be seen.

  5. licensetodrive

    Money could almost be reclassified as a class-A drug.
    Look at those who have ‘all the money in the world’, they still want more.

  6. My goodness, he’s a great man! We need someone of his eloquence and passion here in the UK

  7. S.O.S. Exploration

    Bernie is right though, I get most of my news and information from certain social media. I tend to watch those who mostly stay objective with the information they give out, only applying their thoughts when morality is in question. It is a shame that news no longer provides that. What the news are doing is separating people further apart.

  8. John Whittaker

    The thing that most people don’t realise about the climate crisis, and this includes many people who care about it, is that we cannot solve the climate crisis whilst our leaders get hard ons for Capitalism and Growth. Infinite growth is a myth. These things all require unlimited resources, which the world just doesn’t have. To solve the climate crisis we need to vastly reduce the manufacturing of things, which is in direct odds with capitalism. Yet, if you point all this out to people, you’re part of the radical left and you’re dismissed as being insane.

  9. I live in America work 40 hours a week and am looking to get a part time job on the weekends. I would die on 32 hours. And I make a decent average wage.

  10. As an American, Bernie’s continued fight for the ACTUAL “American Dream” which was meant for all citizens is a ray of hope in all the political muck. 👏👏👏👍👍👍

  11. Bernita Jenkins

    Imagine if Bernie had been President, instead of the tangerine buffoon…

  12. Srikanth Raman

    One of the Best interviews ever 🙏 A legend of a man, who unequivocally and consistently stands up for the poor and oppressed, interviewed by an emerging legend who is full of empathy and understanding of the plight of the weaker section of the society 🙏 Bernie & Russ, what a class act 😊❤️

  13. One of the best interviews for Bernie.
    He is calming and becoming more focused as he aged. Mortality can change a political agenda.

  14. This was really enlightening to watch! Thank you

  15. Shane Davenport

    The only hope the government in the U.S. gives is false hope built on a foundation of lies.

  16. Wow. I did not see this coming. 2 Great guys.

  17. Get Bernie to come be our PM!

  18. Ronald Reagan and the Republicans raised the retirement age from 65 to 67 which cut the Social Security amount you could receive at age 62 and now the Republicans are back trying to raise retirement age to 70 to cut Social Security again

  19. Bernie Sanders is the only Washington politician fit to be president of the United States that is not controlled by legal bribery donor money from the Billionaires

  20. No Mauvaise Foi

    I love this man.

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