Beta Squad Bake Cakes Without A Recipe recipes

Beta Squad Bake Cakes Without A Recipe #buildempire

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Today we have a rainbow cake bake off without any recipe or help to see who is the best baker in Beta Squad! Also to join the face off is Big Gibber.

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  1. Baker Squad

  2. Is kenny saying Allah 🤣

  3. Is kenny saying Allah 🤣

  4. chunks and sharky cooking while the other teams are beefing😭

  5. This was perfect video to get Theo Baker in.

  6. @chunkz and @sharky deserved it @niko was jst sour u knw sore loser

  7. Swear these nerds just found out about duu rags😂😂

  8. Isn’t beta squad just stealing ideas from different channels

  9. ” who ever eats that mental health”

  10. By far my fav VIDEO!!!!

  11. “Muhammad Ali boxed before you and then you copied him” 😭

  12. Bake uh Squad

  13. JVM 13 Pranay Shinde

    28:00Had me laugh like mad😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Chunkz knew what he was doing 😩😩

  15. 😂 At this point yall just the beta sidemen

  16. It’s hilarious how she said that niko and Kenny’s cake had a vanilla flavour only knowing that AJ “sabotaged” them

  17. loool the cake tastes like vanilla because AJ poured in half the bottle xDDD

  18. bro niko should have won

  19. Bhavmanyu Tamant

    We want go of gib brother

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