BTS: How to Claim Your Dragon | House of the Dragon (HBO) how to

BTS: How to Claim Your Dragon | House of the Dragon (HBO) #buildempire


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Showrunner Ryan Condal, Leo Ashton (Aemond Targaryen) and more explore how dragons evolve in size over the course of the show, and their experience filming Aemond claiming Vhagar. Check out the full behind-the-scenes episode of docuseries The House That Dragons Built on HBO Max.

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  1. 🇮🇳Desi logic

    Damn the effort and love towards making this epic fantasy show .
    God it’s sad we never get to know after season 6 of GOT

  2. She is not “the biggest dragon who’s ever existed” it was Balerion.

  3. Truth and Entertainment

    Really it gives me the same vibes as Game of Thrones. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 ♥️

  4. 0:45-0:52 is almost word for word what Alt Shift X said on his pod cast after the ep just aired 😮

  5. This kid is amazing! <3

  6. Fanny Alexander

    The kid playing Aemond is really a natural. No trying hard at all. Sad we only get to see the kids for a couple of episodes. Wish them the best post HOTD.

  7. LennyPieKravitz

    1:06 He claims the biggest dragon that ever existed.
    Balerion The Black Dread: … excuse me?

  8. I wish they would of slowed down the time skips. These kiss were fantastic.

  9. A R A G O R N

    all it was lie noooooooooo

  10. Why are so many Daemon fans who think it’s ok to say spoilers? Every time I see a comment about Aemond, there is often someone who says what will happen

  11. I’m getting a Pomeranian naming her Vhagar. Love how the portray her personality is a wise and lonely dragon.

  12. This actor did such a brilliant job !

  13. One of my Favorite scenes in all of the GOT franchise.. felt like you were up in the air with them

  14. zainab abdulrahim dar

    aemond & vhagar are formidable tog

  15. “How To Claim Your Dragon” I understood that reference

  16. Don't read profile photo

    Aemond riding Vhagar was one of the coolest moments in this entire series.

  17. Please please stop with the very dark night scene

  18. My favorite episode so far. Vhagar is legendary. The last living dragon to ride with Bolarion ❤🔥

  19. gurlagan singh dhillon

    All time favourite shows for our Indians 👆🏻😇

  20. Kwena Tsotetsi

    This whole short was far better than Rings of Power season 1

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