Cheesesteak and Grilled Cheese: The Best of Both Worlds | Blackstone Griddle Recipes recipes

Cheesesteak and Grilled Cheese: The Best of Both Worlds | Blackstone Griddle Recipes #buildempire

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Welcome to the ultimate grilled cheesesteak recipe! In this video, CJ will show you how to make a mouthwatering grilled cheesesteak at home. Whether you’re a fan of Philly cheesesteaks or just love a good grilled cheese sandwich, this recipe is sure to become a new favorite. Watch the full recipe video and enjoy another roundup of CJ’s favorite comments of the week.

00:00 Welcome to CJ’s First Cooking Show
01:10 Making the au jus
04:37 Preparing and cooking the ingredients
08:16 Hey CJ, Did You Know?
09:44 Assembling the grilled cheesesteak
10:42 Plating
11:27 Taking the first bite
12:48 CJ’s Favorite Comments of the Week
18:32 Signing off

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  1. Bro, another bangin episode and recipe!! Btw, your Harry Carey was spot on man, I DIED!!! Lol
    What if the moon was made of spare ribs??? RINBI!!!!

  2. “That’s my name… No shit?”

  3. Ive found to make a instant roux you can bake the flour in the oven ahead of time and not have to stir like a beast

  4. totally great recipe. Can’t wait to try this. Its -5 here with -26 wind chill, you are just what a long winters day needs, til Santa comes of course. How to griddle at -5? Inside with the new Eseries 22-inch Blackstone, you need to try it. I’ll bet it cooks fish too!! Keep up the great videos.

    Question for both of you, you mention grocery store runs. Do you plan out ideas and search out ingredients or look in the store for ideas or is red neck and you do both?

  5. CJ!!! You have outgrown yourself! What’s next?
    You’re changelling what even Nate – the “real chef” can make. – I see a “Food-Wars” coming in 2023. Let the battle begin!
    Being from Canada, “au jus” is a common event here, but that sandwich really rocks it!
    Merry Christmas to the whole Blackstone Crew! – Cheers!

  6. I wish you guys could do more than one show a week.. You guys freaking rule.

  7. Got that broken lizard clip. Thanks fellers

  8. The Christmas Special should be you guest host each other’s show. Then we could see Nate bust loose a little while cooking. And CJ could show his serious side. That would all be done during a cookoff with a few blind judges.

  9. Peanut butter and chocolate … Chocolate and peanut butter. Who knew?!🤣

  10. Do an egg nog recipe.

  11. Dude. Genius culinary mutant you got there. And that late Beavis huh-huh got me bro.

  12. Thirsty Thursday keep the bell ringing lol👍👍🥪🥪🥪

  13. CJ, you know you’re not supposed to mix Mexican with Continental.

  14. Hey CJ! I’m sitting here watching this video and you drop part of a. Christmas tree in your AW juice. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you make a sandwich like this…. ADN TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!! Can’t wait to try this sammich!

  15. New subscriber here, love the content. Also I had given up on Au jus but damn this sandwich and gravy style au jus made me rethink that life choice!

  16. Save the neck for me, Clark!

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family’s!

  18. Great show as always guys! That Au Jus sauce looks delicious. You can’t go wrong with a good grilled cheese/ steak and cheese.

  19. People that don’t like mushrooms like pineapple pizza

  20. The more I watch the more I like , Thanks crew/ CJ. Oh and I am now

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