Cinnamon Rolls but Pink for Valentine’s Day! 💞 #shorts #cinnamonroll #recipe recipes

Cinnamon Rolls but Pink for Valentine’s Day! 💞 #shorts #cinnamonroll #recipe #buildempire

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  1. Hi! Those are so the cute!!love the color!! also first to comment hehe💕💕

  2. Bestiekay and Rae

    That looks so good

  3. When you realise valentines day was ages ago!

  4. Now you should make strawberry Cinnamon rolls lol

  5. Magizta Kaitz

    Plsssss make a enid and wednesday cake plssss 🥺

  6. omg!!! i lowv this recipe smh


    I think making the cinnamon sugar filling red would maybe make it look nicer

  8. Precious Owie

    I also watch preppy kitchen
    his recipes are the best

  9. What are you, 12?

  10. ur sweater reminds me of enid

  11. Rosetta Wolfie

    *dramatic gasp* 🤩 PREPPY KITCHEN!!! HECK YA! He’s frickin awesome ✨️

    Also those make think of them being a valentines dessert

  12. clark olivark

    it’s giving pinkalicious lol i love it

  13. Infinite Galore

    This my first time EVER seeing this, creative and beautiful ❤

  14. Its literally no different but it looks so cursed like it would taste like slime

  15. oooooo, these are sooo prettyyy, I love preppy kitchen’s recipe’s, john makes the best food

  16. I love Preppy Kitchen’s recipes! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  17. now they won’t get out of my head 😂 going to have to make them with my mom for val day ❤

  18. Cuuuuute

  19. Coconut Ura 🥥🎧

    The waffle house has found it’s new host

  20. Random user 89

    The Waffle House has found it’s new host.

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