Dell PowerEdge R730xd | How To Rack a Server | Server Racking | Sliding Rails | Rackmount Server how to

Dell PowerEdge R730xd | How To Rack a Server | Server Racking | Sliding Rails | Rackmount Server #buildempire


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Dell PowerEdge R730XD – This will be the 14th video in our Dell R730XD video series. We will show you How To Rack your Dell R730XD 2U rackmount server. Cable management will not be demonstrated in this video. We will simply be installing the sliding rails and putting the server into a rack. This video series includes:

1. CPUs –
2. Memory –
3. Drives –
4. NVMe –
5. Different Chassis Types –
6. RAID –
7. BIOS –
8. iDRAC –
9. Mass Updates –
10. How to set IP Address –
11. How to install VMware ESXI 7.0.3 –
12. Network Cards –
13. Power Supplies –
14. How to Rack –
15. How to install Windows Server 2016 –

If there is anything else you would like to see, then please drop a comment and let us know. We want this video series to be a great tool for the Dell community. Ask questions. Answer questions. Help each other out.

This will very short and simple tutorial. We will attach a pair of sliding rails to our rack and then we will physically install our R730XD onto the rails. Main obstacle – just make sure you line up your rails in the same spot within the rack. There are also some buttons on the side of the rail that need to be pushed to unlock and slide back into the rack. Again, this is very a simple video but we wanted to make sure we covered all major aspects of the R730XD, including rails and rack mounting. We also stock a ton of rail kits so please let us know if you are looking to purchase rails.

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