Destiny 2: How to Farm EVERYTHING (XP, Shards, Weapons, Armor) how to

Destiny 2: How to Farm EVERYTHING (XP, Shards, Weapons, Armor) #buildempire


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Have you ever wondered how to farm ______________? Well, today’s video will hopefully fill the void. You’ll soon know how to farm __________, or __________, or even _________! Except power level. I have another video for that. It’s this one, just replace 1560 with 1580 and it’s the same:

Introduction – 0:00
Legendary Shards – 0:34
Enhancement Cores – 1:58
Enhancement Prisms – 3:47
Ascendant Shards – 4:26
Weapon XP – 5:04
Character XP – 6:23
Glimmer and Planetary Materials – 8:49
Upgrade Modules – 9:18
Reputation w/ Vendors – 9:38
Umbral Energy – 10:02
Exotic Armor – 10:34
Bright Dust – 11:30
Weapon Crafting Material – 13:12
Deepsight Weapons – 14:40
Synth Bounties (Transmog) – 16:08
High Stat Armor – 16:46
Strange Coin/Treasure Keys – 17:26
Killing Specific Enemy Type – 17:45
Share Your Knowledge! – 19:02

King’s Fall Secret Chest –
Vow of the Disciple Secret Chest –
Weapon XP Chart –
Character XP Grinding –

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  1. minor addon, for dares weapons you can get 1 guaranteed red border per character per week knocking out the legend dares.

  2. for the threader bounties, the 50 challenging combatants bounty in the raid/dungeon category (the one you dismantled) is also a very easy one to complete, just load up duality and farm the first encounter for a bit, almost every enemy in there is a yellow bar, the bellkeepers, the snipers, the colossus, the standard bearers, even the ghalran fakes in the side rooms count. usually get it done in 1 or 2 rotations of the side rooms

  3. Datto you can farm cores for blues that start at level 5

  4. For core farming, if you have finest matterweave u can go to the moon, find a locked chest with 3 hive runes, pop a weave, and shoot the wrong symbol. It will spawn a knight that should 100% drop a core.

  5. Upgrade modules suck when you have like 400 items you need to upgrade to max it becomes absurd.

  6. ItsDaKoolaidDude

    There’s a lot more complex steps in this, summarizing it up in short: You’re gonna need a Void Hunter, Orphius Rig leg exotic and the Deadfall super (aka regular void hunter super)
    There are videos that can and will explain how to further the efficiency, so check around youtube for that.

  7. Farming tears: suggest a slight change to an weapon… posting the suggestion on Twitter ads a 2.5x modifier to your gains.

  8. Ángel Gustavo Ulloa Gálvez

    Watched even though I know how to farm all of these stuff. Lol.

  9. Whenever I get a blue drop at 5 energy I upgrade it to I think it’s 8 and delete it for the cores. I’m always capped on prisms so they don’t really matter.

  10. man i wish bungie change nightfalls, the 1500 power have no use maybe drop it and make the 1570 matchmade with a small chance for ascendant shard, you can get ascendant alloy from hero level and above missions and it’s matchmade so why not ascendant shards. and for the people saying no it makes master have no value, master is better because it’s more efficient. this change will give a chance to solo players who want to masterwork their armor.

  11. ThatFalloutGod

    Enhancement Core’s best farm outside of Pit of Heresy is just doing Master Lost Sectors. That’s how I’ve obtained my stash.

  12. I still haven´t really understand one thing with deepsight weapons. I heard you can dismantle the deepsight weapon without completing the red border and you still get a pattern is that correct?

  13. dabest doood

    If you want to get upgrade cores you could complete missions of the witch queen campaign on legendary. Every checkpoint you get will have a chest that will give you one.

  14. Jacob Haynie

    For converting finest matterweave to cores: find the weekly puzzle chest on the moon. Don’t solve the puzzle! If you shoot the wrong runes, it spawns a yellow bar knight, which can drop a core if you have finest matterweave active. Blast the knight, pick up the core, pop a new matterweave, repeat. I think there’s a slight cooldown on the rune, but you can basically get a core every 10-20 seconds, depending on your luck and how long it takes you to get in and out of your menu. If you’re planning to farm a while, put on double shotguns/fusions and a sword/xeno (maybe a finder if you want) to keep from running out of ammo.

  15. Remember when it was easier to get Bright dust?…
    This Titan remembers…

  16. MrFriedchicken

    Can u get a guide on how to have fun in gambit?

  17. This seasons armor focusing is really horrible. Please don’t use it

  18. Branden Dunagan

    Very well made. One very small thing to note is that when running shuro chi for farming, if you would like to make it more efficient you can use tether and drop it in the middle of a group of ads if you have a hunter. Yes if you get a kill in the tether it counts as the weapon getting the kill for everything that dies. Also space out the killing of the knights. Each one of the corresponds to a wave of thrall and if you kill all of them at once shuro will stop spawning thrall.

  19. A great tip for people looking to farm high stat armor. Do the final boss of pit of heresy when it’s the rotation dungeon. It gives a guaranteed +16 in two stats so it’s easily the best farm for high stat armor when it’s up

  20. Prisims for crytach only cost 400 legendary but limited to 4 per week…not an increasing cost.

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