Do You Know How To Read Your Cat’s Body Language? #shorts how to

Do You Know How To Read Your Cat’s Body Language? #shorts #buildempire


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  1. My kittens have saucer eyes when playing. We got a bit of play aggression they are learning to tame.

  2. Love that bling!!!! 🤩

  3. my cat actually wags her tail when she is happy I’m serious she does. it just looks different than the way she wags it when she’s unhappy

  4. TheTinahanners

    My cat is so sweet. She chose us.

  5. My cats body language is she pushes my hand away with her paw if she is done with pets and scratches. She lifts her from leg straight up in the air to let me know she wants pit scratches. She will paw me gently when she wants my undivided attention. She flops on her back 9n my lap for me to catch her and scratch her collar bone area. She is a little character. 😂

  6. Still don’t know what it means when my cat presents himself them climbs up on me and starts licking my neck.
    Is my cat’s body language telling me he’s a top?

  7. Love your videos

  8. That’s a good tip, unless you’ve got a psychotic furry ninja named Milo. He’s tricky. He loves to roll over and show his belly and look irresistible so you will scratch him. I’m not new, I know my child, I start scratching his chest. Then he starts taking his paws and pushing my hands closer and closer to his belly. Don’t comply. It’s just a trick for him to have an excuse to murder you. His tail only gives away his homicidal urges about 60% off the time. Our other 3 cats are “normal” they really have to be mad to attack, excuse for when they’re wanting to play.. you can trek the difference negate the claws don’t come out and they pretend bite (just teeth to skin, no actual biting into the skin). Milo may start out sweet and playful, but he tends to get carried away and realt bites or claws. I don’t care, he’s my baby and I know how he is. I knew the day I caught him when he was just a feral kitten. He latched into my hands teeth and claws. We were both covered in my blood, but neither of us would let go. The vet next day, he decided I was his best friend and I being to him.

  9. I like Jackson’s videos but as a long time subscriber I feel like all he’s doing lately is covering the low hanging fruit of cat information. I’d like to see some more in depth stuff personally. Like how about some videos on what to do as a first time foster? Or a video addressing food insecurities in a household with multiple cats? He advocates for multiple cats in a household so that would be helpful.

  10. Toborn the Great

    Thanks for all you do Jackson, Happy Holidays!

  11. sonti sontheim

    sadly mine has no tail. she lost it bevor i got her from shelter. but we manage..

  12. Halfbreed4life

    My cats would throw Jackson for a loop. Guess they’re not normal. Or not all cats are alike

  13. My cat kneeds my armpits and purrs but also has eyes the size of saucers so I’m assuming his cuddling upto me for comfort because he is anxious.

  14. Cliche Guevara

    Absolutely! It’s why my 8 year old cats haven’t scratched or bitten me since they were little babies. They’re too sweet to ever purposely attack me anyway, but even when playing, I can avoid getting accidentally scratched quite easily.

    Cats are amazing communicators if you just learn their language. 🙂

  15. Margrét Einarsdóttir

    Origami ears 😁

  16. Thank you Jackson for all your advice. It always pass it on to others❤

  17. Barbara Cholak

    That’s very helpful, learn to read kitty’s posture..

  18. One of my cats is moving his tail when he is purring and asking for belly rubs.

  19. SketchiScribblr

    I’m gonna assume this isn’t an exact science and each individual is different just like with human body language.
    My cat’s tail is pretty much always moving, swishing around. She will also slap and nip you if you aren’t petting her as much as she wants you to.

  20. Blanco Siniestro


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