Dr. Alika Lafontaine: Top doctor on how to fix a health-care system in crisis how to

Dr. Alika Lafontaine: Top doctor on how to fix a health-care system in crisis #buildempire


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The first Indigenous leader of the Canadian Medical Association is new to the job.

But as the president of the largest group representing doctors in this country, Dr. Alika Lafontaine has his work cut out for him.

The anesthesiologist from Grande Prairie, Alta. has spent much of his 20-year career helping marginalized Canadians navigate the health-care system and advocating for their care.

For The New Reality, Neetu Garcha speaks with Dr. Lafontaine about Canada’s collapsing health-care system and other barriers to accessing care.

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  2. Patrick Allan

    For starters, get the government out of health care. In fact, decentralize health care so neither government or large corporations (including insurance companies) can control it.

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  5. Salty Kitten

    A broken healthcare system designed to keep people sick.

  6. I Loves chicken

    How to fix healthcare… GET RID OF DEMOCRATS!

  7. Brian Kroger

    Get rid of Trudeau is the way to fix the problems in Canada. He gave away billions of our tax dollars to other countries just so he could virtue signal.


    Che pochezze

  9. Claude Carriere

    There is no collapsing. That means nothing is left. It may be overlooked but never collapsed!

  10. Humbert Smith

    This Dr. looks like a prime candidate for Type 2 Diabetes. Not exactly the greatest advertisement. Let’s hope that this does not impact his recommendations.

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