Easy Cook From Scratch Recipes – Can and Cook with Me! recipes

Easy Cook From Scratch Recipes – Can and Cook with Me! #buildempire

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Massive Food Preservation Day, putting away enough pickled garlic for a year! Canning more chicken, and how I use it in my cooking. Trying out a new freezer meal recipe and making lots of good food in the kitchen today.

Here is the blog post that goes with this video and has the recipes for the biscuits and gravy – https://www.forgottenwayfarms.com/forgotten-way-farms-blog/baking-powder-biscuits-and-chicken-gravy

Pickled Garlic Recipe – https://www.forgottenwayfarms.com/forgotten-way-farms-blog/pickled-smoked-garlic

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Slow living isn’t a trend for me. It’s a lifestyle I have embraced for years; I learned it from my mom and grandma. We always just took our time to enjoy the beauty of the everyday. I’m a romantic at heart, with a practical lifestyle approach to “keep it simple.” I grew up on a farm, which furthered my love of simplicity and back to the basics mindset.

We moved six months ago to our cozy cottage, and we are in the process of fixing it up. I strive to make our home cozy and inviting no matter what remodeling stage we are in. Making a home hygge and cozy is just a normal way of life for me, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

For more on slow living, check out our blog posts:

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Forgotten Way Farms; my name is Abby Jo. We put out one new video every week on our channel. You can expect to see How-to, Cooking, and Lifestyle videos. Thank you for stopping by the Cottage!


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  1. Forgotten Way Farms

    Massive Food Preservation Day, putting away enough pickled garlic for a year! Canning more chicken, and how I use it in my cooking. Trying out a new freezer meal recipe and making lots of good food in the kitchen today. – Abby Jo

  2. Am I right in thinking that us biscuits are the same as uk scones?

  3. FYI: Farmhouse Vernacular has scrubbed all of her content from the internet. Website, YT, IG. You’ll have to show us the chicken nugget recipe because its gone.

  4. The snow in the background was so wonderful. Thank you for sharing the canning in the digital pressure canner. I recently bought one and haven’t overcome the “what if I do something wrong” syndrome yet. I also appreciate you using the canned meat. I have been sorely disappointed in the canned meats I have purchased from grocery stores.

  5. Muddy Acre Farms

    Hi, is there anyway you could give the details to where you found the honey garlic chicken recipe?? I’ve tried looking it up but don’t really see one that had the ingredients you use! It looked delicious and loved the fact that it’s cooked in the crock pot!! Also think it would make a fantastic freezer meal also! Thanks….

  6. Margaret Brent

    Loved to see you using the Tupperware Citrus peeler. I’ve been canning for several years but have not canned chicken. I am terrified I would do something wrong but you make it look easy.

  7. Aslan’s Daughter

    That was wonderful! I did not know you can but garlic that way. Nice! Love the chicken recipes! ♥️

  8. lori ellsworth

    I enjoyed your video so much! ❤

  9. Thank you ! I enjoyed watching and will be trying these recipes .. Hello from Washington State.. I lived in the U P MI.. COLD !!!

  10. The Woodland Cottage

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your inspiring and instructional videos. The best part is the loving intention behind every recipe- your precious family! I love this wonderful video! (Flutterprim)

  11. Elaine McGuire

    Thank you, truly inspiring. I’m a newbie canner and love my digital canner. I would truly be interested in seeing another video on canning meals in a jar. I just canned taco soup and was mighty proud of myself lol lol

  12. Kim Hamburger

    Hello Abbey Jo. The roasted chicken and the biscuits look amazing. I have never eaten pickled garlic. Really enjoyed seeing a video. Look forward to a thrifting video. Just love learning tips from you in the kitchen.

  13. Veronica Cirone

    So by pressure canning that chicken it cooks it correct?

  14. Hi Abby when you were canning your chicken I didn’t notice you putting in any liquid. Do you not need it? Also if I did this how long would I cook it in a stove top canner? Thank you…

  15. Veronica Cirone

    Abby Jo I am enjoying watching you. It has been a great blessing to of found your channel. It is so comforting. Do you homeschool your children? There are so many videos I have not watched yet.

  16. Barbara Dominey

    Ok, you’ve convinced me to try canning some chicken! What would you say is the yield for each pint? I expect it will be about two cups, which would be great for a lot of my casserole recipes. Is that right?

  17. I so enjoyed every minute of your video today. I learned so much and you made it seem so easy to cook these wonderful dishes. Your so confident in what you do and your presentation is simple so people can understand how to do these items in their own kitchen. Thank you so much !

  18. What pot and pan set that looks like a cauldron do you have?

  19. Your husband looks like he knows who’s queen of the kitchen, smart man

  20. Coffee breaks are good for the soul and heart

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