EASY HEALTHY Breakfast Recipes that are CHEAP (Healthy Eating Shouldn’t Make You Go Broke!) recipes

EASY HEALTHY Breakfast Recipes that are CHEAP (Healthy Eating Shouldn’t Make You Go Broke!) #buildempire

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Hey everyone I’m Abbey Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In todays video, we will be talking about easy healthy breakfast recipes that are cheap and affordable. Eating healthy shouldn’t make you go broke, so I’ve gathered a bunch of recipes I’ve made that are balanced, nutritious and ultimately delicious. These are fast, on the go recipes that are super affordable for those looking to save!

1) The information in this video is for education and entertainment purposes only, so you should always speak to a health care provider about your unique health needs.
2) Please use this video (as with all of my review videos) as educational, not as unique recommendations.
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4) Trigger warning to those with disordered eating tendencies.
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  1. My main concern with this is that there’s a lot of added sugar (maple syrup and honey). The number of type 2 diabetics around the world is increasing at an alarming rate, so I do feel that food content creators need to be mindful of this. I’m not trying to hate, these meals look convenient and tasty. I feel that the nutritional info should be shown for each recipe.

  2. Hard boiled eggs are the Bomb…for any meal. Breakfast: a hard boiled egg sammich with whatever is on hand…Lunch: crumbled cooked egg an your salad of choice…Dinner…don’t gag…sliced boiled eggs in a cream sauce on toasted whole grain bread……sermon over

  3. Eva Westendorp

    Annnddddd more cheese! 🤣😂 definitely my girl! Yayyyy!

  4. I love that you included some of my favorite things like the protein nutmilk, peanut butter, and banana.

  5. Recipes for meal prep lunch at work

  6. Abbey again pretending that she needs to cook on a budget…

  7. Eva Westendorp

    More peanutbutter! You can never have too much peanutbutter! 😋😋🤣😂

  8. Deliana Escobari

    I feel a little bad that she had to shoot all those tasty recipes in one day and look like she’s loving every bite.

  9. Pamela Atkinson’s Cats

    Those breakfasts all look awesome, particularly the final one. Definite yes to more recipes! 👍🏽

  10. Victoria Niemira

    This is GENIUS. We needed this.

  11. Jakob Raahauge

    So is breakfast your favourite meal because you like it or because if ot doesn’t go just right it will set you back the entire day, and you put a lot of expectations on it?

  12. Nice ideas! But I have a little suggestion for videos like this, can you please add time stamps in the future so that it’s easier for your viewers to get to the recipe they’d like to try?

  13. You can use unsweetened applesauce instead of bananas if you don’t like them

  14. Melissaysitall

    Thanks for these ideas! I always have eggs and oatmeal so definitely can do these without buying a million things 🙌🏽

  15. Lou Bega as a meme? Looool, greetings from Germany.
    My grandma loved a good slice of sourdough bread, quark (a tardy mix between cream cheese and joghurt) and top it with jam.

  16. Daniela Londono Makeup

    Does not the Silk milk has a lot of gums and is not real almond or oat milk? :/

  17. Abby TAMPING around the kitchen saying “eegs, eegs, eegs” needs to be its own gif reused on the channel 😂 🥚

  18. Maple syrup is my jam 😊

  19. Satori Matsuzaka

    Yes! Many people believe that healthy food can only be eaten if you’re wealthy. Not true! We middle/lower class can try our best as well. (No we will not be eating salmon at a 5 star buffet but it’s OK!😂)

  20. Love these recipes! Thanks for the ideas!

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