Easy Workbench Build! / How to build a strong workbench / Part 1 how to

Easy Workbench Build! / How to build a strong workbench / Part 1 #buildempire


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In this video I will show you how to build the last workbench you will ever need! This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Easy workbench build for beginners. Subscribe for part 2 where I will add tool storage and drawers coming soon!

Products and tools used linked below:
Woodowl Overdrive Bits: https://lddy.no/1ei82
Bits&Bits Router Bits: https://bitsbits.com/ref/6232/
Kreg Bench Cookies: https://a.co/d/aZVjxsn
MicroJig Grr-Ripper Pushblock: https://a.co/d/2TadXTm
Festool Kapex 120 REB: https://a.co/d/b5t5oU2
Grizzly G08580 Jointer: https://tinyurl.com/2x58xy6a
Kreg Foreman: https://a.co/d/ajqR8KQ
Harvey Tablesaw: https://tinyurl.com/5n72pvp7
Jessem Stock Guides: https://a.co/d/2jCHWID
Amana 10-in Blade: https://a.co/d/5pjHpCl
FastCap Tape Measure: https://a.co/d/cNsNwRw
FastCap Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape: https://a.co/d/94bZgg6
Jorgensen Bar clamps: https://a.co/d/4HqpeWs
Rigid 18v Combo kit: https://a.co/d/2WUNBbg
Festool ETS 125/3 EQ sander: https://a.co/d/43DjECl
Festool CT MIDI Dust Extractor: https://a.co/d/iZzAuQo
Festool Track Saw: https://a.co/d/gF2tSDc

Camera/Recording gear linked below:
DJI wireless mic: https://a.co/d/jaXD767
Rode NT-USB mic: https://a.co/d/fF6q7aa
SmallRig tripod: https://a.co/d/20whEuE
DJI Ronin SC2: https://a.co/d/28rYmep
Iphone 13 Pro Max: https://a.co/d/dgRfeMp
DJI Osmo Mobile 3: https://a.co/d/3NTb9EU

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  1. East Carolina Woodworks

    Thank you for 20k subscribers! Stay tuned for next video I will be doing a giveaway as promised 🎉

  2. Thank You!

  3. Dominos used to be called lose tenons and can be made with a drill and table saw.

  4. Nice vid, any videos on your paint booth? I’m in the stages of planning a shop build and I’m trying to figure out what size I should go for without using up too much space.

  5. Tammam Akkari

    Nice job mate. For the little clamping blocks, I guess it didn’t work because of the tape, glue it directly to the stretchers, it will come off with a lateral hammer tap with a little sanding afterwards… my 2 cents.. 😉

  6. Clint's Chainsaws & More

    Thank you.
    I’ll use this vid for ideas on a bench for my new shop.
    Happy 2023 from Va.

  7. Dude! At the table saw – push stick!!! (We don’t wanna be calling you “Lefty”.)

  8. I like how this is turning out…but 32min of the same song playing over and over and over is a bit much. Looking forward to the next one

  9. Sebastopolmark

    I won’t spend that amount of time on my workbench frame but I certainly WOULD buy cabinets from you.
    GREAT job so far! !! !!!

  10. the top looks bowed. Did you put a straight edge on it?

  11. Steve Callachor

    Butcher block means having the end grain as the working surface. I see that your glasses provide excellent protection to your hat. Makes it easy to spot the commercial production influences!!!


  12. Nice build from Central Carolina

  13. CA glue doesn’t work well for calls if you need a bit of clamping pressure. I saw the tops at Lowe’s on sale the other day AFTER building my new outfeed table, would have loved to have had a top like that. Great Build looking forward to part II. Later from GVegas!


    Don’t worry the CA and tape trick doesn’t work for me either. But I tested before adding my glue. Haha. Idk if it’s my glue or tape or both but 🤷‍♂️

  15. Hi! From NC

  16. Nice job bud. Can’t wait to see how it looks when finished. Thanks.

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