FAUX ANTIQUE LEDGER PAPER! How To Make it for a Junk Journal! The Paper Outpost! :) how to

FAUX ANTIQUE LEDGER PAPER! How To Make it for a Junk Journal! The Paper Outpost! 🙂 #buildempire


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FAUX ANTIQUE LEDGER PAPER! How To Make it for a Junk Journal! The Paper Outpost! 🙂 Create a Fun and easy Junk journal element! Create your own antique ledger pages with simple items around your house! Junk journal with me! This was very enjoyable to make and I thank Nicole at Chronicles of a Crafter for the inspiration! 🙂 Video link below 🙂

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This video was inspired by Chronicles of a Crafter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXSsTJkFMF0&t=78s


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Pam at The Paper Outpost :)!!
I am currently buried in paper and covered in glue 😉 And I am in heaven! 🙂
Remember that Fun Can Be Simple! Go Forth and Create with Reckless Abandon! 🙂

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  1. AJ's Inspired life

    What fun! I love old ledger paper ! Now you can scan that and use it! Super cool!

  2. Scrofula-disease with glandular swellings, probably a form of tuberculosis.

  3. Prayers for you all during the storm!

  4. Meichelle Spirit

    SOO COOL!!! I also would have never thought to put coffee water into a bottle and dying it that way!!! Thank you thank you Pam for sharing!!! “Killed by a horse” -Now thats a bad day HAHAHA!!! And here is what Google says about Scrofula: Scrofula is a tuberculosis infection of the lymph nodes in the neck

  5. Coffee and Crafts with Rory

    Consumption is TB..
    Dropsy: An old term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water. In years gone by, a person might have been said to have dropsy. Today one would be more descriptive and specify the cause. Thus, the person might have edema due to congestive heart failure.
    Learn to pronounce
    a disease with glandular swellings, probably a form of tuberculosis.

    Thanks for the cool tutorial, Pam! Stay safe!! 😊💖

  6. I much love for you Pam! I hope u and urs stay safe!

  7. Loved this Thank you for sharing 💕🙏🏼🌷

  8. Avanelle Hansen

    Way Cool! (Except for the cat vomit report). Ha!

  9. Cheryl Douglas

    Great video! You did a great job. Praying for your safety as well as everyone in the storms path. Take care and God bless. Kisses for Sunny 🥰❤️❤️❤️

  10. Charito Jimenez

    I really enjoyed this video Pam!💜 Thank vfc youvPam!

  11. Patricia Rinaldi

    Stay safe with the impending hurricane

  12. Patricia Rinaldi

    Consumption is Tuberculosis-TB
    Dropsey….swelling heart failure

  13. I was wondering if you’d have power, to post this video, with hurricane Ian heading towards west coast of Florida….stay safe Paper Outpost.

  14. sorry for all the copy and pasting but I always need to know. Feel better Sunny…Stay safe and thanks for all you guys do!

  15. Denise Douglas

    I would get an older person to write on the paper for me…the older generation had such beautiful penmanship! Thx for sharing ❤

  16. Scrofula, also called cervical tuberculous lymphadenitis, is a type of tuberculosis infection. It’s caused by the same bacteria that causes pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculosis is a highly infectious bacterial illness. It usually affects the lungs and can lead to significant lung damage or death if not treated.

  17. Pam you are the best for morning beginnings. I have thought what if we tried to use linen paper or even parchment paper for writing. just a thought. thanks for sharing

  18. Background: Dropsy was a term used to describe generalized swelling and was synonymous with heart failure. Its treatment options were scanty and were aimed to cause “emptying of the system” or to relieve fluid retention. These remedies were rudimentary, erratic in action, and associated with inconvenient side effects.

  19. Tuberculosis, also known as consumption, is a disease caused by bacteria that usually attacks the lungs, and at the turn of the 20th century, the leading cause of death in the United States.

  20. Patricia Rinaldi

    Got to love Sally pants🤣 yes save the scraps

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