Full Day of Eating 1800 calories | Extra High Protein Recipes for Weight Loss… recipes

Full Day of Eating 1800 calories | Extra High Protein Recipes for Weight Loss… #buildempire

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If you’re struggling to stick to a low calorie diet and hit your macros, this Full Day of Eating 1800 calories is PERFECT for you. The extra high protein recipes are not just great for helping you achieve your weight loss goal, but they’re also tasty af 💯
Back with a Full Day of Eating 1800 and this one is one of my favourites. Because it’s not easy to stick to a calorie deficit but for fat loss/weight loss, it’s absolutely essential. So following a diet plan that makes this so much easier is key. On top of that, if you have any goals based around muscle gain whilst losing weight, it’s important that the meals you are eating are high in protein, otherwise you don’t really stand a chance of achieving this goal.

So enjoy this Full Day of Cutting and even if your goal isn’t 1800 calories or based around body composition/weight loss/muscle gain etc, I guarantee that you will absolutely love at least one of these extra high protein, high volume meals.
Full Day of Eating 1800 calories | Extra High Protein Recipes for Weight Loss…
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  10. Excited to try the breakfast option. It will be hard to give up my daily french toast bake variation – which replaces bread with shredded zucchini to be even lower calorie.

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