Gopro Log SUCKS, Here’s How To Fix It how to

Gopro Log SUCKS, Here’s How To Fix It #buildempire


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You might wonder how to color grade or color correct GP-Log. The problem is that no matter how good you are at color grading, the exposure needs to be right in order to get good results. With the release of Gopro hero 12 Black, Gopro also released GP-Log or Gopro Log to the official firmware. But they implemented it with a secret EV comp of -2. This video explains why a -2 EV comp is too low, and how to fix it with gopro labs.


00:00 Intro
00:18 Why GP-Log is so noisy
00:26 Use Gopro Labs to fix it
00:45 GP-Log test
02:15 Why is it so bad?
04:20 More testing

Step 1: Download Gopro Labs
Step 2: Set the LOGB=400 command.
Step 3: Apply Gopro LUT to footage
Step 4: Enjoy!

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  1. At least we can thank them for gopro labs. I haven’t played with the noise reduction setting, but I defnitely will now! No wonder gopro footage always looks so soft.

  2. *Yes, GP-LOG does SUCK!* I just color graded some FPV footage (shot in GP-LOG on the GoPro12 yesterday) and used GoPro’s LUTs there providing as well (thought it might help)…but NOPE! I’ll be honest, I also shot HDR video as well and that looks better (can actually see the clouds in the sky using the HDR setting). GoPro really messed up the GP-LOG and it’s going to leave a bad taste in a lot of folks mouths. Perhaps they’ll change this down the road. Yes, I had to at least try GP-LOG for myself to know for sure. But, at this point it looks like I’ll be downloading the LABS software. Thanks for the detailed explanation….think you may be the 1st to explain this! Thanks!

  3. Did Gopro did not test this? It looks so obviously bad in your example. Do you not think gopro might change this in the standard firmware?

  4. Markus Finholt

    Another reason to download labs is that you might be able to use the Max Lens Mod 2.0 with LOGB=400

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