GRASP Design Principles: Why They Matter (And How to Use Them) how to

GRASP Design Principles: Why They Matter (And How to Use Them) #buildempire


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In this video, I’ll dive into the GRASP design principles and explore why they matter when designing software systems. By understanding these principles, you’ll be able to write better code that’s easier to maintain and extend.

Example code:

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🔖 Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:59 Overview
1:23 01 – Creator
4:28 02 – Information expert
7:39 03 – Controller
11:57 04 – Protected variations
14:58 05 – Indirection
17:34 06 – Low coupling
20:43 07 – High cohesion
24:26 08 – Polymorphism
28:43 09 – Pure fabrication
30:07 Retrospective
31:44 Outro

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  1. Robert Nyström

    Really good video as usual! You are basically the reason for me staying on top of our Python-related challenges at work 😀

  2. 1.4k views but 129 likes still now… Ridiculous sence of gratitude!
    Respected, sir 🖖
    Your content is Rare star in the universe of coding guru’s🌠🌟
    Thank you for your continuous 🎁
    Love from gratitude from🇮🇳

  3. Great content. Keep it up!

  4. Jorge Luis Rios Portilla

    Please more examples with only functions. I would even refactor your old videos with a light SOLID or now with a functional GRASP video that pays attention to the power of a simpler Python without classes. Please. Thanks.

  5. I appreciate you use classes. In engineering software we are not using functions (far away more complex code than what is generally shown in youtube).

  6. My first time encountering GRASP. Now all the previous videos makes sense. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Side note: Anyone old enough to remember when GRASP meant .GL files?

  8. Kevin Armengol

    Great video as always!

  9. Alex Rodriguez

    Loving the Content! Keep it up! Also looking forward to more Code Roasts! 👍 🙏🙏

  10. Togrul Asadov

    Well done sir. Your videos are ones I like before proceeding to watch.

  11. As always very valuable material. Thanks Arjan 🙂

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