Harvest Prep l How To Set Up a Chopper For Corn Silage! how to

Harvest Prep l How To Set Up a Chopper For Corn Silage! #buildempire


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We get the chopper ready for corn silage. To start off we remove the hay head. Then we clean it up and remove the built up hay. Next we put in the processor. Along the way we greased and oiled the chopper. Lastly we mounted the corn head! We hope you enjoy the video. Keep an eye out for our corn silage videos!

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  1. Love your videos, it’s nice to see other small farmers making it work.

  2. My first time seeing a machine that you can change the heads from hay to silage! complicated but I guess you do it a couple times it will go faster the next time you have to make a change. Great video coverage. Thank you.

  3. Perry Beaudoin

    Good job guys. Do you have pigs also?

  4. Just sitting here watching, I can almost smell the dried up chopped hay “slate”, grease, chain lube, etc. Lots of memories. Thanks as always for sharing.

  5. your Dad is a trip .
    I could hangout with him all day

  6. It’s so satisfying to look back and see a field chopped great time of year

  7. Great awesome video, like ur channel

  8. that’s amazing how all that material goes through them rollers. my fox chopper had a automatic sharpener mounted on it i would like to see how you sharpen them blades

  9. Mister Hipster

    Choppers make my skin crawl. Maybe it’s the memory of what happend to uncle’s right hand.

  10. Great info love your channel

  11. #1 excellent channel, keep up the videos!! Question: what are the things hanging on the wall in the machine shed? Looks like license plates.

  12. Great content guys

  13. Jay Kettlewell

    You have 2 choppers. Why not just leave one set up for hay and the other one for corn?

  14. The growth lately! Welcome to the best farm channel everyone! I’m sure the Millennial Farmer would teach you the snapping trick, I’ve seen some others learn it

  15. am yet to see these people reply too any questions in the comments, like how many in this household, is it all boys. mother made 1 appearance repairing a fence, 1 boy made a flag and one older boy with a beard and of cores there is daddy know it all the busiest winter time farmer in all of wisconsin ie all 8 boys

  16. Russell Petrie

    the snap your fingers thing only works when you get over a certain amount of subs

  17. smileyfarm xbox

    Ghel had a good idea with the removable processor. Our FP240 has a belt you remove that disengages the processor and a plate you put to force he corn into the processor but my knuckles have taken a tole putting that plate in lol

  18. I love your Dad. He seems like a fun guy, but still a hard working guy

  19. Russell Petrie

    i swear the bloke that come up with the wood chipper used to make forage harvesters

  20. Russell Petrie

    defo more doors including the ones we dont see

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