Here’s How To Style Your Daith Piercing 👂💎 how to

Here’s How To Style Your Daith Piercing 👂💎 #buildempire


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If you have a Daith piercing and are looking to upgrade your jewelry check out these three cute pieces our stylist Ilieana chose!
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✨👂14K Crystal & Opal Hinged Ring
14K Crystal & Opal Hinged Ring
✨👂14K Front Double Row Hinged Ring
14K Front Double Row Hinged Ring
✨👂 14K Opal Fixed Bead Ring 16g
14K Opal Fixed Bead Ring 16g
✨👂14K Front Crystal Hinged Ring
14K Front Crystal Hinged Ring
✨👂3 Row Paved Hoops
3 Row Paved Hoops
✨👂14K Opal Marquee Single Earring
14K Opal Marquee Single Earring

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✨👂14KT Gold Collection
Fine Jewelry
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Best Sellers
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New Arrivals


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At Lulus we are all about creating unique ear styles to help you stay trendy while expressing your personal style. Lulu is not just another jewelry brand it’s a lifestyle.

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  1. Kayla Thompson

    The heart is cute af, but no way in hell I’m spending $300 on a single earring. 😂

  2. absolutely beautiful

  3. Antonio Rodriguez

    Did you go to school for this or is it a gift? And you forgot to say excuse me after the burp lol despensaaaa

  4. I have a rook piercing, can I use the daith heart on my rook?

  5. WestCoastRoots 🌊☔

    I’m so excited to get my daith pierced next month!!

  6. I rlly want a daith but I can’t cause I wear headphones everyday😭😭😭

  7. I recently got a daith piercing, it has developed irritation bumps and I want it to go get it checked out by you guys, do I have to make an appointment for the salvation of it? Also would you guys recommend only going for the salvation of the piercing or would I also be able to schedule a piercing appointment. My priority would be the daith it’s just since I live a few hours away it would be difficult for me to visit again.

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