History Of The Dump Cake – 1924 Dump Cake Recipe – Not Your Mom’s Dump Cake… recipes

History Of The Dump Cake – 1924 Dump Cake Recipe – Not Your Mom’s Dump Cake… #buildempire

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1924 Dump Cake Recipe – Not Your Mom’s Dump Cake…
Dump cake recipes – not sure why this no-fuss idea sparks so much anger with some people. The box mix with canned fruit dump cake first appears in 1964, (1:20 in the video) pre-dated by the dump cake that’s a box cake with jell-o pudding mix which first appears in 1959 (1:20 in the video).

1-4 cup melted butter. Break into it 2 eggs (in measuring cup), fill cup with milk.
Dump into mixing bowl without beating until you get all in, the following: 1 and
1-8 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 2 tsps baking powder, the contents of measuring cup as above. Then beat thoroughly and bake.

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  1. What size is the measuring cup into which you put the melted butter and eggs? Is it 8 ounces?

  2. I absolutely love a simple sponge cake for sponge and custard. Reminds me of School dinners in Scotland 😁

  3. TheAmethyst Centre

    In the UK we call it an “all in one” cake. We wouldn’t use “dump” because the “dump” is where you take your rubbish!

  4. seems like a good cake. chopped walnuts, bananas, fruit, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla all seem like great additions to this if something more is desired

  5. AtThatDaniels

    I love the journey that Julie’s face went on when you called it a dump cake.

  6. Becky Baumeister

    Is that a 1 cup measuring cup? Or a 2 cup measuring cup?

  7. Heidi Edelman

    This looks easy and a good canvas for anything to go on it. Regarding mistakes in the kitchen, I make them and I hear Glen’s voice “it’s going to be fine” 😂 thanks for all the great content.

  8. Place pineapple rings in bottom of pan, sprinkle with brown sugar, dump batter over it. Upside down pineapple dump cake! Serve with whipped cream. Thank you so much, Glen, for a super doable multi-purpose FAST scratch cake!

  9. Very nice, I will add it to my must try list.

  10. how long did you bake it? I’m assuming you put in 350 F oven, but you didn’t mention how long

  11. I am sending this over to my daughter who happens to go to Highpoint University in High Point NC.

  12. Kathleen Kline

    Box cake mixes eliminate the need to measure dry ingredients. I’m amazed at how many people I know who don’t own a set of measuring cups or spoons. They might own a liquid measuring cup, but mainly use it to heat things in the microwave.

  13. I bake so little that I do not have flour, baking soda, even sugar. So that is why I grab a box mix. Cornbread, banana bread, …. for the three times I might bake a year. I do buy gravy flour. sugar are the sugar packets for coffee.

  14. Catherine Khalili

    Could you please list the proper measurements for the cake? The description says 8 cups flour 🧐

  15. When I was a kid (here is Georgia) a Dump Cake was something that we never made at home. It was meant to be an easy dessert that we made while camping in a dutch oven. Our recipe always consisted of a boxed cake mix, and canned pie filling. My favorite was always the Black Forest which was simply chocolate cake mix, cherry pie filling, and butter dumped into a dutch oven and then we used charcoal to bake it.

  16. That’s not a dump cake…SMH

  17. Hey Glen, not to sound like a complete moron, could I develop that into a custard cake?? Thanks🙏

  18. Box cake mixes have all been converted to use more wood pulp (tree cellulose) and less flour, so they don’t even work well in dump cake and other ‘start with a cake mix’ recipes. It’s so much better to make a cake from scratch. Looking forward to trying this one.

  19. Amethyst Anne

    Do you use a 1 cup measuring cup?

    Southern cooks would use self-rising flour. Makes it even easier!😄

  20. Box cake mixes make it easy for people who don’t have room to store flour & sugar in their kitchen or people who don’t cook a lot or people who are too busy to look for recipes & don’t want to measure stuff.

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