How to achieve A Grade in Drawing Exam. Elementary -Intermediate, Drawing Exam achieve ABC Grade how to

How to achieve A Grade in Drawing Exam. Elementary -Intermediate, Drawing Exam achieve ABC Grade #buildempire


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art master gore, shitalkumar gore, How to achieve A Grade in Drawing Exam. Elementary -Intermediate, Drawing Exam achieve ABC Grade, चित्रकला परीक्षेत A ग्रेड कशी मिळवायची?, A ग्रेड कैसे पाना है, How to achieve A Grade in Drawing Exam, how to pass drawing exam,

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Useful for all students and Beginner Specially for Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examinations and Drawing, art, craft, clay school subjects
About this video:- How to achieve A Grade in Drawing Exam. Elementary -Intermediate total information
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खालील निळ्या लिंक वर क्लिक करून आपण या परीक्षा संदर्भातली अनेक व्हिडिओ पाहू शकता

How to get grade ABCD
एलिमेंट्री व इंटरमिजिएट चित्रकला परीक्षा मधील ABCD ग्रेड पद्धती, या ग्रेड कशा देतात यावर संपूर्ण माहितीचा व्हिडिओ

चित्रकला परीक्षा संदर्भात संपूर्ण माहिती-

चित्रकला परीक्षेचे विषय

कोणते रंग व ब्रश वापरावेत

वस्तू चित्र स्थिरचित्र -Object & Still life Drawing:

स्मरण चित्र -Memory Drawing:

संकल्प चित्र -Design:

अक्षरलेखन – Calligraphy, Lettering:

एलिमेंट्री ड्रॉईंग ग्रेड परीक्षेची कर्तव्य भूमिती- Elementary Grade Exam Geometry:

इंटरमिजिएट ड्रॉईंग ग्रेड परीक्षेची कर्तव्य भूमिती व घन भूमिती-Intermediate Grade Exam Geometry:
Students from 7th Std. and above appear for Drawing Grade Exams. These exams are conducted in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. These exams are held at the national level and successful students qualify to pursue higher education for technical courses like commercial /applied art, fine art, textile designing, interior designing, fashion designing, architecture, etc.
These exams are mandatory for students seeking admission into Govt. Art Colleges. Students with Intermediate certificate get preference for technical courses.
Elementary grade exam is for children of 7th std. and above. Those who have cleared the elementary exam qualify to sit for the Intermediate exam.


Paper 1 – Object Drawing – 2 ½ hours
Paper 2 – Memory Drawing – 2 hours
Paper 3 – Design – 2 hours
Paper 4 – Plain Practical Geometry & Lettering – 2 hours

Paper 1 – Still Life – 3 hours
Paper 2 – Memory Drawing – 2 hours
Paper 3 – Design – 3 hours
Paper 4 – Plain Practical Geometry, Solid Geometry & Lettering – 2 ½ hours
Man-made objects
Natural objects
Use of Drapery
Symmetrical & Asymmetrical objects
Light and Shade
Use of Drapery
Collage Method
Size of Figures
Human Faces & Figures
Rapid Sketching
Design in Nature
Color Schemes
Stencil & Tracing
Geometrical Shapes & Their Properties
Each topic is accompanied by special images and videos to explain in detail.
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