How to Activate Sabrina’s Cyber Shredder Guitar for Final Battle (Roblox RB Battles Season 3) how to

How to Activate Sabrina’s Cyber Shredder Guitar for Final Battle (Roblox RB Battles Season 3) #buildempire


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Unlock SECRET KEY Inventory item to Activate Sabrina’s Cyber Shredder Guitar PURPLE BIT Instrument in RB Battles. Second Step to UNLOCK Final Boss Battle in RB Battles Season 3. I will show you all steps in this video. If this helps you, Leave a LIKE and Comment on your thought on the your journey to RB Final Battle.

How to Activate RB Battles Season 3 Instruments? This is the SECOND Instrument activation step to get to the Subway boarding for Final Boss Battle. I will show you where to find all secret items locations and you can activate the Russo Robot Resonator. This is one of three instruments required for you to go to the secret Subway station.

Collect all 8 secret items in RB Battles in order to UNLOCK SECRET KEY to open up the Sabrina’s room.
Cup of Tea, A Doe
A Musical Note, A Needle
A Running Man, A Sign Pointing
A Sun, Cooking Dough

RB Battles FINALE and FINAL BOSS BATTLE is finally HERE! But you must do this first step and also the next few steps to prepare for the final battle. Do this so that you will be in the best position to come out winner of SAVING RB BATTLES UNIVERSE and win the Golden version of Crown of Courage or even the Hood of Heroes TOP 30 to get this.

Also, make sure that you have the required event items, secret codes, in game coins to prepare to unlock the RB Final Battle to fight the Boss and save the RB Battle Universe. Things such as instruments from the purple, blue, and green bits; Winner’s Wings 2.0, key, wrench, magnify glasses, popcorm, strong gear, alot of battle coins, and more. There is also a way to turn the room blue. However, now we uncover the secret codes inside Sabrina’s Guitar Room. How to glitch into Sabrina room? I will decode it in this video so that we can be prepared for the Final Battle to win the Crown of Courage event free item accessory.

RB Battles Game Link:

RB Battles Championship Finale has completed and our RB Battles Season 3 winner is TanqR!! Now we are tasked to unlock the final battle boss and fight the boss and save Russo and the RB Battle Universe. With this, you can claim the Crown of Courage and Hood of Heroes free event items. It is a very limited Roblox item accessory.

Have you voted for the Season 3 of Roblox RB Battles? You need to do that to get the FREE Roblox Items RB Crystal Ball and RBB Chain.

Roblox RB Battles Season 3 Event is now underway. The first and final battles will be from December 8 to later January!

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  1. I already got all bits active 😎 (normal item not the golden one)

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  6. 4th purple ring A 1 and B 3 also C 2

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  8. A 1 and 2 then B 3 and C 4

  9. B 3 4 and C 2 and rings 1 and 5

  10. 0:15 I’ve tried it and you can actually power up Sabrina’s and DJ’s instruments before powering up Russo’s. You can still place the items from Russo’s puzzle in the middle before you activate his instrument, giving you Sabrina’s Room Key.

    Sabrina’s Powered Instrument is Required to complete DJ’s Powered Instrument

    Only items from Russo’s puzzle is needed to complete Sabrina’s Powered Instrument, Russo’s Instrument can be powered last

    I thought it just might’ve been cool to know, if someone speedruns this it may save some time or whatever

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    if you want to get the activate dj dynamic dasher type nuri roblox in the youtube search bar

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    Dj actived bit has been found

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  15. I dint have time to grind so im stuck cuz some needs parkour and i dknt have jump boost this sux man

  16. Well I need my tablet for this all so imma just get info and do tablet later

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    the games are bugged and you cant get coins

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