How to Activate SUBWAY STATION for Final Battle! Secret Power Pack (Roblox RB Battles Season 3) how to

How to Activate SUBWAY STATION for Final Battle! Secret Power Pack (Roblox RB Battles Season 3) #buildempire


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UNLOCK Secret Battery Power Pack and Punch Bag ROBOT! How To Get to and Open Subway Station Door with all powered up instruments in RB Battles. Fourth Step to UNLOCK Final Boss Battle in RB Battles Season 3. I will show you all steps in this video. If this helps you, Leave a LIKE and Comment on you like about the RB Final Battle.

Sabrina and DJ have been in this subway for hours trying to get it to work. A bunch of us the brave battlers got really close to powering it, but it is just not enough power as yet.. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? How to Save the RB Battles Universe? Stay Tune!

You need to Activate RB Battles Season 3 Instruments and then use the Punch Bag Robot to unlock the SECRET Power Pack. With this, and other powered up Instruments, you can now get to the Secret Subway Station and ready to board the train for the Final Boss Battle. I will show you all these secret steps in this video.

Collect all 8 secret items in RB Battles for Sabrina and Russo’s instruments
Cup of Tea, A Doe
A Musical Note, A Needle
A Running Man, A Sign Pointing
A Sun, Cooking Dough

RB Battles Game Link:

RB Battles FINALE and FINAL BOSS BATTLE is finally HERE! But you must do this first step and also the next few steps to prepare for FINAL BOSS. Do this so that you will be in the best position to come out winner of SAVING RB BATTLES UNIVERSE and win the Golden version of Crown of Courage or even the Hood of Heroes TOP 30 to get this.

Also, make sure that you have the required event items, secret codes, in game coins to prepare to unlock the RB Final Battle to fight the Boss and save the RB Battle Universe. Things such as instruments from the purple, blue, and green bits; Winner’s Wings 2.0, key, wrench, magnify glasses, popcorm, strong gear, alot of battle coins, and more.

RB Battles Championship Finale has completed and our RB Battles Season 3 winner is TanqR!! Now we are tasked to unlock the final battle boss and fight the boss and save Russo and the RB Battle Universe. With this, you can claim the Crown of Courage and Hood of Heroes free event items. It is a very limited Roblox item accessory.

Roblox RB Battles Season 3 Event is now underway. The first and final battles will be from December 8 to later January!

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  1. HelloItsB1ack

    The subway is going to take us to ohio where the big drum boss is waiting, We need to defeat it with the ohio’s technology and if u didn’t know mrboringsworth is an ohio’s scientist so he will give us more weapons to fight it.

  2. Jay Lord De Jesus

    Do I really need three bits to enter?

  3. I hope they have nostelgic bits💀 in the final battle from last year.

  4. create. destroy2

    The button won’t appear for russos robot thing

  5. ali asgar Shojai

    You know there is a code (but i dont know the code i just know it) if you put it in where you put the code to mr.b lab it says subway activated

  6. i tried using the potato power pack but sabrina says the power is proprietary

  7. Ady did it but still thank you (Gl on the final battle)

  8. sabrina was talking about a potato.. potato battery pack…. hot potato minigame… does this have to do with anything?

  9. thank you man i didn’t know the activated bits made us lag

  10. for me the top green light doesnt light up at the subway door anyone knows why?

  11. Dapper Gaming

    Man’s forgot the wrench

  12. You are so underrated, been using all your vids to figure out what to do with the RB battles secrets, big help 🙏

  13. bro i dont have any jump boost pet

  14. Yo I still need the piggy ??? 😢😢😢

  15. GalacticNickk

    I can’t make the jump in outer city to get the doe 😭 Pls help me

  16. Mateusz Zbijacz

    Why i dont have this red button?

  17. John Brandon Macanan

    I already all bit activate unlocking subway

  18. you are legit the number one guy for rb battles tutorials you upload them so quickly and you explain it very nicely. Thank you

  19. [InsertNameHere]

    Just a correction: You don’t need Russo’s skin to open the robot. It worked with Sabrina’s skin as well. (and most likely DJ)

  20. I think I found a little hint to the subway part there is 2 pictures that are a little different but are missing features both of them try to paste the pictures atop of each other and you might find something

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