How to APE your way into Elden Ring PvP how to

How to APE your way into Elden Ring PvP #buildempire


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It’s time to say goodbye to Dark Souls 3 and embrace Elden Ring I would like to thank all the Souls content creator for this experience. Prod the funny, Chasethebro the great invader, FighterPl the parry king, Saintriot the meta hater, DangitJM the underrated, SunlightBlade the top 10, Peeve Peeverson the almighty, Oroboro the darkmoon blade sellswords, YukasLegion I ban him, VaatiVidya lore fix, LimitBreaker fun facts and my favorites BathedInBrena tournament host and iamamish the role model.

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  1. Endure on a dagger, use it, swap to the seal again, uninterruptable roars and breaths.

  2. G9 says his builds arent optimal and that he doesn’t care but at the same time one shots 3 people with one dragon incant 😂

  3. The weapon art describes this build quite well

  4. i swear you used some of these clips 4 times in the last 2 videos

  5. “When everyone’s super… No one will be.”

  6. The great Luminary Mohg would be proud seeing his juices spread across generic ER PVP builds

  7. just prove why pvp in elden ring is dead

  8. showmethestarfax

    Havent watched g9 in a few months, looks like his descent into madness is nearing completion

  9. Is it wrong that I find these dragon boi invasions the most entertaining to watch?

  10. Honestly we need to study the brain of moonveil users man. Because they work like this:

    *I gonna spam moonveil…it missed… next time it will hit…. Missed again….*

  11. this is why i stream jeenine over chase the bro, chase is so toxic compared to him

  12. Great sword poke dukes between you and chase like to see who pokes the best

  13. Dragonless behaviour build

  14. Fix your damn game Fromsoft

  15. I’m honestly shocked people still play this games PvP, and I’m not saying it out of spite, I’m genuinely just surprised

  16. 2:49 those stacked seals bro lmao

    This is some top tier footage and commentary. Certified Jee moments, my favourite casul strimmer.

  17. Justin Holcomb

    What if they just gave the dragon breaths knockdown and/or slowed the startup of successive casts? To remove the stunlock…

  18. This is exactly what we deserve.

  19. VvswordfishvV V

    so funny stuff aside every game ever played has it’s very own rules abide by them have fun or just dont play it I avoid headaches this way

  20. The state of PVP makes me think that the Lands Between *deserve* the Flame of Frezny.

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