How To Ask Your Crush Out (that works!) how to

How To Ask Your Crush Out (that works!) #buildempire


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Do you have a crush you want to ask out? Are you pretty new to asking someone out on a date? Where do you begin!? Well, there are a few ways you can approach asking your crush out – we’re going to break down a few ways on how you can! So, here are a few tips on how to ask your crush out.

Need more tips? Here are a few psychological ways to impress your crush:

Writer: Michal Mitchell
Script Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong
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  1. Dschehuti Nefer

    I prefer my version: Just expect everyone you find sympathetic to be already in a relationship because there is no way in hell someone great like them hasn’t found anyone yet and with that mindset never develop a crush in the first place. Worked for me every time!

  2. QwQ)_ I hope this work

  3. Just forget about it, focus on your life goals and achieve something in life. My advice😂

  4. Discarded CheeseCloth

    May you please make one of how to reject people kindly ? I’m in a predicament, I’m unsure of how to tell a dude I’m uninterested in dating and I think I’m accidentally leading him on 🙁 I just don’t know how to say that I don’t wanna date, but I also want to do it quickly so I don’t waste his time. Just need advice on this

  5. beluga lost twin

    This was years ago , we were very touchy when we were 13 but time past… Now I’m 17 we don’t do much contact but awkward stare at each other now… Just idk what to do honestly I wanna focus on my studies but it’s tough

  6. So guys i did confess to my cruch before 8 months but with a fake account and i didn’t tell him my name cuz i was so afraid since we ‘re in the same high-school and he blocked me then in the holiday i sent him a message using my reel account saying that i’ m the one who texted you with the fake account and i regret not telling you about me identity and he wasn’t following me on insta so i really don’t know if he read my message because he didn’t answer. What should i do when he doesn’t even know something about me and i really have a strong feeling for him

  7. Clayton newbold

    I will never have to use this but thanks anyways

  8. Wandre's Pupilo

    some times i’m grateful i live in brazil and we don’t have to make it cristal clear that it’s a date, you just hope they got it, it’s more “natural”

  9. Connor Thompson

    LMFAO I brought a crush to a Cavetown concert not too long ago! 😂

  10. Got my crush after 3 years/3 dates. It took her consulting with her family to get to this stage but we’ve been together for the past 5 years so it worked. It probably helps that her dog absolutely loves me.
    Next video after this, how to overcome your own self and its tongue twisting to actually ask the person out. Even though I’d known my gf prior to asking her out on the second date, I still got into this state. (First date was through our mutual friend, who was my roommate at the time, having the three of us see Guardians of the Galaxy as the first date.)

  11. I used to think I was kinda bad at flirting because people would react awkwardly to it, but perhaps it just meant I’m alright at flirting but those people just weren’t interested. The alternative to thinking about this stuff and growing is not thinking about it and wasting my time, so thanks for the vid.

  12. I have a crush on my school and yesterday, well i think she already has a liking to someone and that someone looks interested too. Even my classmates cheered and shipped them, i feel defeated already
    But i aint going down
    Thats why i have made many crushes as alternative…
    (demonic laugh)

    But truthfully i really felt so sad. She was my main crush after all.
    Guess its better to know the truth then

  13. Hi Amanda, I like your sweet voice. Do you like things too? Wanna catch a movie sometime?

  14. The only way to ask your crush out is


  15. Julian Lagunas Atwood

    Send your CRUSH a video on how to ask your crush on a date??? pretty egotistical tbh

  16. Solo Motivation

    *Today’s message is about a song by Alan Jackson titled – Angels and Alcohol.*
    Funny title, right.*
    Personally, I think Alan must have been high on whiskey when he wrote that song.
    So the first verse of the song goes like this…
    “You can’t mix angels and alcohol
    I don’t think God meant for them to get along
    When it takes control, you can’t love no one at all
    You can’t mix angels and alcohol”
    Each time I hear that song, I just keep thinking about the line:
    *”I don’t think God meant for them to get along”*
    Just like Angels and Alcohol (according to Alan)…there are things that just won’t go along in this life no matter what.
    An example that comes to mind is “making money” and “making excuses”
    I always say you can’t make money and make excuses.

    You have to pick one and be okay with it.
    So, which one are you choosing today?
    Angels or Alcohol?
    Making money or making excuses?
    Just one.
    And be okay with whatever comes out of that choice.
    *Have a great day!* 💕

  17. I recently started questioning my feelings for a new classmate of mine. I kinda like him, but if someone asked me why I wouldn’t really have an answer to that. When I first met him, his whole vibe made me uneasy actually, he acted like a gentleman but he also acted indifferent and uncaring. Idk how to accurately explain it, but how he was acting seemed like just a front. But the more I talked to him and joked with him, the more interested I became. Idk, I’m mostly doubting myself because I’ve never confessed my feelings before, so this is all new to me.

  18. Void Phenomenon

    Show her the amount of times you’ve made your therapist cry 😏

  19. One thing I like about Psy2Go is that each time they’re having illustration for the examples, they don’t put gender hints for the character. This makes the tips more broadly applicable for all genders. This video, however, is not the case. In all 7 tips the illustration imply that the blue character should be the one to ask the red character out. Although the script itself doesn’t suggest any gender, I personally think there are some space for improvement for the illustration.

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