How To Be The Best Camper In Call of Duty how to

How To Be The Best Camper In Call of Duty #buildempire


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How To Be The Best Camper In Call of Duty watch and learn
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  1. 402THUNDER402

    Thanks for checking out the vid guys don’t forget to drop a LIKE and a SUBSCRIBE if you’re new plus use my GFuel discount code THUNDER to save 30% off all GFuel orders! It’s good for 30% off today and tomorrow only! Link in the description! My favorite flavors are peach rings and hype sauce in case you need help deciding.

  2. Nah this video was too funny

  3. i love thunders edits

  4. nath carroll

    Zatss got owned the poor guy

  5. Family friend usenarme

    my fav cod youtuber, you clapped those nerds!!


    That RPG final kill. Always so satisfying

  7. Lmao Thunder is trying to tell these idiots the truth. The better you are, the worser the experience 😂

  8. 😅spawn death explains my experience with MW2019


  10. Joe Tomkinson

    Where you going wid that rocket in yo ass homie !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. @402THUNDER402 I finally broke down and bought MW2019 to possibly give you someone else to play against in the FFA lobby! Funny—I tried your “tips and tricks” on a game this morning, with a minor adjustment in the kill streaks for my liking—and ended up going 30 and 3 for the “W”! Have been a subscriber for a long time, and you never keep from entertaining! From one OG COD player to another, cheers and keep it up!

  12. Shotguns are sweat repellent if you think about it

  13. That zats dude was high af 🤣

  14. Jason Pursell

    This was a good one! They just can’t help it.

  15. ItsMarciwuuu

    I enjoy watching you troiling these sweats 😀 Keep up the good Content !

  16. 2:30 haha love it when the sweats get mad 🤣

  17. Looking forward to you putting on MWII camping clinics.

  18. I love camping in COD. Nothing beats holding a spot and killing the same dude over and over and over and over because he can’t let it go 😂

  19. Salvador Mota

    Camping and then complaining , get good , no wonder your lobbies full of trash

  20. King Suicide

    6:22 love how for no reason at all “Oh my God!” While running away 😂😂😂

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