How to be Wise how to

How to be Wise #buildempire


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Hey Gentlemen & Ladies, It’s BENBROS.
The title of this video is “How to be Wise”.
Another tutorial meme video. Hope you enjoy.
I made this without braincells. Sorry in advance.

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(@David Chrisof )

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Splashing Around – The Green Orbs
Bach Cello Suite No. 1, G Major, Prelude – Cooper Cannell
Bad Piggies Theme
Freeling – Lauren Duski

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  1. I came to the right place at the right time it’s time to wise up thanks Wise Mystical Tree and thank you Benbros for hosting him

  2. Ricky Spanish

    How is solving a math problem fast enough a part of being wise? I know I’m not supposed to look into it much but, umm, actually 🤓🤣

  3. DeadEggroblox

    120th comment

  4. Val Val Gaming

    Wisdom moment

  5. Rely on facts, not assumptions

    But then, what would happen if a fact suddenly becomes false? There are so many things that can twist what a fact can be. So if one fact suddenly became false, it would become an assumption. But then there’s the other thing, what if the assumption becomes true? If the assumption were confirmed true, then it would become a fact

    And thus my brain self destructs at this sequence

  6. Resonance barracuda

    “Don’t work hard, work smart”
    – Sun Tzu probably IDK lul

  7. “He’ll nah!”

    -the wise tree

  8. Schwards Channel

    bruh, i calculate this in less of 5 seconds💀

  9. “If my calculator has no calculus and I know calculus which means am I much wiser than a calculator?” -🤓

  10. Abhijeet Darade

    As Nikacado… My brain cells also got upgraded 💀

  11. Jesse Hombre Rosado

    y los subtítulos ;(

  12. פטר גילגון שרקי

    The thing is, this IS wisdom.
    Intelligence would be what Nerdface tried to do.
    Wisdom would be just using the caculator

  13. Nice to see i’m watching his class 🙂

  14. Bro this helped me get into top set in maths, thank you wise tree

  15. Masterofghost

    More of his classes

  16. 4^5 – ((6)^2 -12)=
    16*64 – (36 – 12)=
    1024 -24 = 1000
    Holy… I thought you were joking.
    I might need to brush up on my math skills, this took too long.

    Still there ain’t no way someone is typing this problem on calculator in 5 seconds.

  17. Cyber Wisdom • 6.9M views • 42 seconds ago.

    What is the answer btw⁉️

  18. This portrayal of wisdom is deep

    Wisdom is a Virtue that comes from experience and as a result one becomes sagacious. The Nerd Overestimates himself, already showing his lack of wisdom, however, the Nerd is proven to be full of potential and intellect since he exhibits mathematical reasoning yet fails at understanding the world around himself from not only one perspective but many. Whereas the Wise Tree proves to be Wise, testing the Nerd’s patience and seeing how he would react under circumstances that would limit his potential only to show the nerd how limited each and everyone one of us are. Contrarily, The Wise Tree isn’t capable of solving complex mathematical equations independently only being able to do so with General knowledge from the past or through the use of a calculator which already shows his lack of logical reasoning as its evident that his superb judgement on life isn’t rivaled by his own intellect. The wise tree doesn’t seek to make the nerd a perfect student but a better person. When you compare the nerd and wise tree there is some sense of duality. The nerd knows how to do things right but the wise tree knows the right things to do.

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