How to Beat Infinite Akshan Players – Legends of Runeterra how to

How to Beat Infinite Akshan Players – Legends of Runeterra #buildempire


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Viktor Aphelios Invocation Creation


00:00 Game 1
09:45 Game 2
18:15 Game 3

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Snnuy, Mogwai, MajinBae, GrappLr all play Legends of Runeterra. Ranked, seasonals, the best decks, deck guide, new event and new decks. LoR is a card game based on League of Legends champions.

Legends of Runeterra is a 2020 digital collectible card game developed and published by Riot Games. Inspired by the physical collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

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  1. Korean Challenger playing two games at once strat

  2. Piotr Wieczorek

    🤓hi 🤓 guys 🤓 mastering 🤓 runeterra 🤓 shut the fuck up wtf

  3. Literally 30 minutes ago played someone with this deck the snnuy effect is unreal

  4. I dont know if monkey being desperated or not when he cast those spell for leesin

  5. corvette0003

    Now I’m just sad you cut the Hearthstone game :).

  6. The post infinite Akshan win rant. Is sth to die for XD.

  7. Giorgio Ghidini

    Since i can’t find this information anywhere, does anybody know at which time will seasonals start tomorrow in Europe?

  8. 9:58 that’s literally me torturing my potato laptop with genji 💀

  9. Finally a infinite deck that gets what It deserves love this videos

    -some lunatic

  11. I had to vs the infinite akshan deck as an innocent player who didnt know what was happening and watched it ruin the game 🙂 glad to see vengeance finally wrought down

  12. Snnuy losing it shit after that game, made my day xD

  13. Ömer Osman Yıldız

    Bro just roped a rope player

  14. Александр Кобзарь

    A perpetual engine! I’m happy it’s Viktor Aphelios and not Nami

  15. Honestly disappointing seeing Snnuy roping and starting Hearthstone against the Infinite Akshan player. You can advocate for removing the deck from the game, but not passing back is just bad manners. Celebrating it in a video makes it even worse, don’t encourage the LoR community to disrespect players cause they are playing a deck the do no like to play against.

  16. Common snnuy W

  17. Not a day goes by that im not sad that this is the infinite combo Riots happy keeping in the game 🙃

  18. always look forward to a new snnuy video

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