How to BLOW UP on Youtube how to

How to BLOW UP on Youtube #buildempire


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  1. Beatriz Coelho

    a beast.

  2. He wa saying how happy he was to get 5k view but on this vid he got 5k too

  3. you forgot the most important step: be an asshole like kelly.

  4. The fact that you can’t say that Kanye is an inspiration any more

  5. so so proud of you, love you kelly!

  6. Im so glad you made this video. Im starting to go hard on YouTube and post every Friday! This really motivates and i actually filmed today my Day in the life as a college freshman video!

  7. i actually binge watched kelly after i saw the “first day in college” video, his style and pace of filming was just new to me and as someone that is interested in film-making, the video blew me away. Literally i stopped and restarted the video multiple times. i love it.

  8. JiaLatDotComDotSg

    Dude talking bout not uploading every week😏

  9. Michael Metcalf

    Outstanding Kelly Wakasa! Thanks for sharing your story. You are a inspiration for sure. Much continued success and happiness in your life. DO WHAT EXCITES 💪💪👑👑 YOU GOT THIS! LET’S GO!!

  10. I’m scared of starting to make youtube videos but i’d love to do them. This brings me so much motivation and now I wanna do them soo bad:) thank you Kelly<3

  11. Literally BLOWS UP.💥💥

  12. the fact i’ve been watching him since his braille days just blows my mind. i feel like we’ve grown up together and kelly doesn’t even know me. i feel like we’re best friends 😭

  13. Finally

  14. DO what excites !!!

  15. Lil HeartBreaker & Slashest

    waiting for Nic Humphrey to pull up to see what bro says this time, DO WHAT EXCITES

  16. This video motivated me so much! Thanks for being such an inspiration. DWE <3

  17. See you at the top ! 🔥

  18. Nope…still waiting on the bangers

  19. Herlihy Brothers

    Hey Kelly, I want to say that i love your videos, they motivate me to create. I know you don’t do this, but i was wondering if you could shout me out. Plus, you did say to ask politely, sooooo…. there it is man.

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