HOW TO BREAK INTO A RICH PERSONS HOUSE | American Theft 80s how to

HOW TO BREAK INTO A RICH PERSONS HOUSE | American Theft 80s #buildempire


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Its time to take on the gated community

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  1. 12:00 im thinking on these mission ones its better to get the mission items first to complete the mission and then take other stuff as an extra if its possible, knowing you can run if need be… and always have an escape route planned

  2. 3:49 one suggestion id make to you playing this game (although ive never played it) just using my brain and sh*t… you get to the house, then go to sleep until night time, then you scope out the house, trying to find a way in, then u often get caught cos its the morning and people come back before ur finished… how about scoping the house out in the day time, working out exactly what ur gonna do and then go to sleep and come back at the start of the night?

  3. I love your video’s keeps me from jumping off a bridge. thanks Vladd

  4. Parham Nik Afroozi

    Daddy Vladdy looking like a good PIMP BABYYY

  5. I love American theift!!!

  6. Head Quarters

    Dude I’ve been subed to you for 4 years and I just looked and youtube had to have unsubbed me or something that’s so dumb

  7. What’s a gay tit community?

  8. Chimichanga Guy

    GOD I LOVE THIS GAME! It deserves more attention

  9. Head Quarters

    You’re the reason I bought their simulator and why I bought this game too!! My wallet hates you

  10. Stephanie West

    You’re that good because you don’t wear flipflops or drink CapriSun’s like other panzies 🙂

  11. Compared to Thief simulator this ones on another level and the madd bringing it makes it sooo much better

  12. TENSE1983 videos


  13. I love this series. Showing us how it’s done. Thieving like a pro. Keep it up big dawg! Much love 😎

  14. Jesse Howerin

    Vladd I’m having a hard time trying to set up my twitch so I can join in on your streams… Please help someone?…. Anyone? I’m tired of missing out on this man’s amazing content and hilarious sense of humor 😢😭

  15. Sad to see this Series end..

    Hopefully you’ll find a good game to replace it 🤘🏾

  16. RazielTheLost

    this is why the sporty car sucks… idk why you kept using it on missions. agree that not being able to use its trunk is dumb though

  17. Head Quarters

    Waking up to a vladd notification the best feeling in the universe

  18. Gosh I feel every bit of ya frustration Vlad, even though I’m not playing it; Great vid

  19. Thanks, Vladd for another great episode in this Series!!

  20. Anthony Dixon

    $26,000 dollars for a suit? Great game though, even better than Thief Simulator

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