How to Break Your Fast with GOOD FATS how to

How to Break Your Fast with GOOD FATS #buildempire


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  1. Tania Fuentez

    I found the best benefits from including all fatty cuts of meat and fish, eggs/egg yolks, beef trimmings and tallow, ghee, butter, bacon, duck and chicken fat. So-called seed oils proved to be an expensive waste. Doing far better after eliminating all those and using GOOD animal fats to heal from RA, diabetes, hypertension, severe periodontitis and other diseases.

  2. Ron Spcbuffalo

    What followed your video was an ad for Kachava. Any recommendations…….

  3. Just found you… I have lost 130 pounds (66 year old woman) via Keto and fasting and have kept it off for 4 years now. I started my Keto/fasting journey in 2017.) Keto has been amazing in controlling my RA pain, for 2 years now my doctor even says that due to my blood tests (CR5 levels) I can consider myself to be in remission. Anyway, I have decided to lose the last 10 pounds (those last pounds seem very stubborn) and am currently on hour 40 of a water only fast. My longest fast is 5 days. I have heard elsewhere that eating a small amount of butter during a long fast will not stop autophagy. I noticed that you don’t mention butter on your “good fat” list in this video. Does butter completely stop autophagy and why is butter not on your “good” list? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information!

  4. Be careful with MCT oil. It has unpleasant side effects which I have personally experienced. If you choose to use it I suggest starting slow and see how your body reacts.

  5. Houston Smith

    Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy🤑😊. I have been earning $ 20,200 returns from my $5,000 investment every 14days•⭐⭐

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  8. I lost 30# 2022 with your plan! I gained 20# back and I need to start over!! How do I do this?? Would it be ok to fast 24* and do OMAD? What will get me back on track?? The fat does really help and I used MCT oil and avocados when I fasted before!

  9. Dr. Mindy, I notice grapeseed oil isn’t in your presentation. Please educate us on grapeseed oil. Thank you so much for all that you do!

  10. Dr Mindy what about home made Ghee…???…. Isnt that a good fat source specially for women… Kindly reply….

  11. holographic breathing

    I’m interested to know why you are using oils as fats rather than food as fats. It also answers my question about why I am not hungry for 8 hours after my blends. Which are soaked flaxseed, Chia seed, black sesame seeds, and Brazil nuts. Sometimes as extra I add germinated buckwheat.
    This all gets blended in a vacuum blender so it doesn’t oxidize. The Chia seeds I add afterward as they don’t need blending and it means I eat my blends rather than drinking it, I also eat walnuts with it. 3 Brazil nuts more than give you enough selenium for the day. Black sesame seeds have 15 times as much calcium as white ones and provide the calcium. Chia seeds and flax seeds produced tons of Omega 3 oils. Anyway there’s my main menu for anybody who is interested.

  12. Can I break my fast with greek yogurt?

  13. You failed to mention the best fats.

  14. Desi Junction Canada

    How about Desi GHEE? Good fat too right..


    Apart from putting MCT oil in coffee- any other ways to incorporate the good fat? Am I just to spoon it straight!

  16. Sheri Frerker

    why don’t you list animal fats as healthy fats?

  17. Desi Junction Canada

    Good morning Dr. Mindy!

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