How To Build A 800HP BBC Pt 2 how to

How To Build A 800HP BBC Pt 2 #buildempire


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  1. I never use silicone on my head gasket water ports but I will have to start doing that 🇺🇸 Thanks Steve you are the Man🇺🇸

  2. I done started pulling my motor out. Getting ready for this one 🤣🤷‍♂️

  3. steve shoemaker

    What a deal,waiting….Thanks Steve……Shoe🇺🇸

  4. I want it.

  5. Best technical content on YouTube by an absolute mile. Love it. Whoever wins it is going to be one lucky guy. .

  6. One of the best YouTube channels out there.
    If I don’t win but I have faith. How much assemble out the door less shipping

  7. 716 Racing Channel

    800HP BBC lmao Big Black Co c k lmao 🤣

  8. Charles Henshaw

    This beast is almost ready to fire up. Let’s Goooooo

  9. I’m not an infomercial. I don’t do that kinda crap . 😂😂😂👍👍👍


    My bbc solid rollers say CV on them, but have a morel part#..

  11. I would love to own that motor but I never win anything so if I was to buy a motor like the one you are building how many dollars do I need?

  12. Voodoo Race Garage & turbos

    Another great video and awesome info

  13. bucksnort bumblefuk

    People gotta look at stuff, see why it’s built the way it is, can usually figure it out. But yes, I’ve seen many arp washers upside-down.

  14. Voodoo Race Garage & turbos

    I have a 67 C10 that engine would be sick setting in it

  15. Man I envy your knowledge. I’ve been a machinist for over 20yrs but have only assembled one engine my entire life. Always wanted to machine engine components intends of manufacturing wear parts. Great videos💪💪💪

  16. Awesome job Steve, just hope I win it !
    Always wanted a big block!

  17. @Steve Morris Engine what is the brand & p/n for the sealer you used on the head gasket water holes ?

  18. Appreciate the patient explanations.

  19. Just build it Sh0p

    Congratulations on drag week love your videos

  20. Thomas Vittetoe

    How much for an turnkey engine vs one you ship us in parts and we put it together ourselves

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