How to Build a Net Zero Carbon Dream Home! how to

How to Build a Net Zero Carbon Dream Home! #buildempire


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Who says making your home net zero means you have to make compromises?! In this very special episode Fully Charged’s Dan visits Karen and Brent Mooder who have built a DREAM Net Zero Carbon Home complete with solar, a heat pump, hot tub and sauna! The Mooders have taken full advantage of British Columbia’s innovative housing policies, including the Step Code to ensure their house could be as efficient as possible. Special thanks to BC Hydro for introducing us to Karen and Brent! For more home episodes, check out our Everything Electric Show –

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Welcome to our Net Zero House!
01:09 Energy Generation and Reduction
02:16 How did they do it?
03:59 Following the Step Code
05:30 300% efficient heat pumps
06:07 Giving solar to the grid!
07:03 Incentives?
07:34 Why did you do it?
08:25 Advice?
09:15 What’s next?
10:35 Concluding thoughts

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  1. Budget Audiophile Life-long


  2. If I only had the Money

  3. This would have been much more interesting had it been a quarter of the size. This giant house is anything but sustainable.

  4. All that is changing is that the rich are able to choose to live more ethically and feel smug about it. Not the rest of us, and we’re speeding past +1.5c regardless.

  5. Very impressive. But part of the issue is building 4000sqf houses. The 2nd R is Reduce.

  6. Any chance of including a link to their experience that they had to write up as part of the funding?

  7. Would be a lot more interested in how to lower the carbon footprint of an existing home. Particularly with heating and electricity prices as high as they are, more information on how people can improve the house they are already living in would be more useful than showing how wealthy people can spend lots of money to get a virtue signaling “eco home”.
    The number of people that can afford a new build net zero house is very small compared to the number of people living in older homes that have a massive carbon footprint and massive heating bills.

  8. Did they consider using SIPS panels ? I used them exclusively and reduced building time 50-75 % and costing far less than the conventional stick frame construction. What about incorporating “flat plate” collectors or evacuated tubes for hot water ? Just some thoughts. Thank you and happy holidays !

  9. There is no mention of the amount of energy and carbon produced in building the house.

  10. Thank you for informative videos .

  11. So is the hot tub and sauna a good use of energy?

  12. Dreamcatcher_11_

    100 years later and Nikola Tesla’s free energy motor sill being kept hidden

  13. If anyone in the UK would like a zero-carbon house, or as near as possible if the building already exists you’ll probably need an architect. All MUST be ARB registered like myself. Why not save a lot of money by spending a bit?😊

  14. Very good considering the size of the house, I just wish the technology was available to all at a good price.

  15. imagine the energy saving that could have been made had this building been smaller….

  16. Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    Genuinely find these properties amazing but like a vast majority of folks it all boils down to how much money you have to start with. Granted that cash will go a long way once you’ve been able to build in efficient heating systems, solar, good insulation as well as smart use of double or triple glazing, but you need a sizeable budget.

  17. Please have a look at some of the net zero homes being built in europe. They are far cheaper and are being built at scale.

    I am in the process of buying a standard 2 bed flat in the UK that I hope in time I can convert to all electric. My first two jobs are switching the remaining lights to LED and fitting waste water heat recovery in the shower room. I will be doing the changeover on a shoestring budget so changes will happen as I can afford them.

  18. I would like to see a three-story home in the UK designed around net zero techniques but also using some tiny home principles so the footprint and land needed are less so further reducing the costs. I like the idea of energy credits here in the UK as well so we don’t all need a home battery as most people still work 9-5 so can’t make the best use of any excess solar without one.

  19. Christoffer Nelson

    What is the carbon footprint of a LIFE and CAREER that can support a 7000sf, 5-10 million dollar house?

  20. Great vid, but should have been on the everything electric channel ?

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