How To Build a PDF Generation Service using AWS how to

How To Build a PDF Generation Service using AWS #buildempire


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In this episode, let us talk about how you can build a scalable, resilient and robust end-to-end PDF generation service using AWS Lambda, Lambda Layers, S3, API Gateway, SES and SQS!

★ [Agenda] 0:00 – 11:26 – Presentation: Introduction, Problem, What We Will Implement
11:26 – 14:46 – Project Set Up
14:46 – 33:39 – Implementation Discussion
33:39 – 37:29 – Demo & Wrap Up

★ Video Resources

Code –
Blog Post –

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  1. Hussain Bharmal

    Thanks for the wonderful video. BTW, i have already purchased your course on udemy and found it great! So thanks for producing such good course too!

    Also, i was trying to get into AWS amplify, i was trying to build an application which would have user, group, roles, permissions which can be dynamically managed from the application UI. Exactly same like the open-source Mayan EDMS has.

    I was not able to figure out how to implement it using AWS amplify+graphQL+cognito.

    If you could make a video on that, it would be really helpful as RBAC is basic requirement in any kind of enterprise app.


  2. Dewni De Silva


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