How to Build an All-Weather Portfolio? Indian version of Ray Dalio’s Recession Proof Portfolio how to

How to Build an All-Weather Portfolio? Indian version of Ray Dalio’s Recession Proof Portfolio #buildempire


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An All-Weather Portfolio is expected to prepare investors for any economic conditions such as recession, inflation, growth, depression etc. The concept of all-weather investing was conceptualised by Ray Dalio who uses a combination of equities, bonds, gold and commodities to offer achieve moderate returns at low volatility.

In this video, I shall simulate Mr. Dalio’s concept in an Indian context, as we build an Indian version of the all weather investing strategy with a combination of ETFs and mutual funds. We shall also understand 5 different ways by which, you too can make a recession-proof portfolio for yourself & one that can support the more aggressive part of your investing portfolio

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👉 Video Chapters:
00:00 Safar Mein Dhoop To Hogi, Jo Chal Sako To Chalo
01:13 Ray Dalio and his All Weather Portfolio
03:38 My India version of an All Weather Investing Portfolio
06:19 Building Blocks of a Recession Proof Portfolio
09:04 1. Do-It-Yourself combining ETFs & Mutual Funds
10:26 2. Balanced Advantage Funds
11:35 3. Smallcase
12:06 4. Low Beta Stocks
13:11 5. Barbell Investing Strategy
14:31 Shankar’s Viewpoint

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Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI registered investment advisor or research analyst. The content posted on this platform is purely for educational purposes and none of it constitutes investing or trading advice. Viewers should do their own research and diligence before investing or acting on the information presented

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  1. Nice & Informative Video as always. Kudos to you and your team.

  2. Vaishakh Babu

    Absolutely love your videos ♥️

  3. Vaishakh Babu

    Absolutely love your videos ♥️

  4. supratim sarkar

    Icici Baf does not have gold allocation I thought unlike multi asset fund. Correct me if I am wrong. Anyway thank you for such infomative videos and the captivating thumbnail everytime

  5. Shankarnath is by far the only person who talks about investing,personal finance etc and actually makes sense. No buildup no exaggeration and most importantly high level of knowledge which sets him apart from other so called finfluencers. Thank yo so much for invaluable guidance. His content is actually a great framework to start with our research.

  6. Abhijit Pattanayak

    Hi Sir. What’s your take on ETM Genius portfolios! As they were started during your tenure, you can give some tips.

  7. Informative..Always makes a in depth video

  8. Hey Shankar, nice content. I want to ask since you have left et money, would you still recommend et money genius?? Ps- I had joined because of you,since you have left I see no point in continuing. What say you?

  9. GATE Aspirations Mechanical Engineering

    sir do you still work with ET money?

  10. Hi Shankar , Congratulation onceagain for an interesting video. You have worked really hard and smart . Personally I am not in favour and neither I am attempting so many strategies. My simple conviction is that when an equity portfolio gives 15 % per annum over long period despite all volatilities, why not invest systematically and keep on investing- because over longer period the growth curves gets straight , parrelel to the x axis , the y axis being 15 % above the x axis ,the variations being barely apparent . The recent interview of Ruchir Sharma also suggests that the volatile periods would get shorter and shorter in times to come, as witnesses from March 2020 onwards. So for equity investors in India more share for equity than Debt is my opinion.And I am entitled to it!

  11. Safe to assume that the release from ET Money channel has given liberty to your creative side. And dear Sir, I’m loving it! 👌🏻

  12. suraj aggarwal

    This is really great video sir, but I still believe one who has achieved wealth should preserve and follow this approach as snowball effect will give huge return if one has 1 crore but if one has to build corpus, he/she should have high exposure maybe 78%

  13. shravan kabra

    Nice as always Shankar Sir. Make a video on how to build wealth with a mix of EPF, VPF, NPS, PPF, et al

  14. Thank you @Shankar Nath for yet another insightful video. I had a comment about using Balanced Advantage Fund being used as a way to build all-weather portfolio. As per SEBI definition, BAF needs investment in equity/ debt that is managed dynamically (0% to 100% in equity & equity related instruments; and 0% to 100% in Debt instruments). This does not mandate to invest in other asset classes such as Gold and Commodities. From that perspective, would ‘multi asset allocation funds’ (defined as Investment in at least 3 asset classes with a minimum allocation of at least 10% in each asset class) be better – where you get exposure to gold and other commodities as well by mandate?

  15. baskar chockalingam

    Again one of the best
    Things r more attractive than ur previous chan el videos
    Small suggestion
    U can talk more of basic videos like mutual funds PPF ELSS in ur channel too👍

  16. Vijetarvind Patil

    Sir, Thank you!

  17. you are on your way to become the best investment related youtube channel. keep it up 👏

  18. Sir, My portfolio has 80% equity (Multi and Flexicaps), 10% (Arbitrage fund), 10% (Liquid funds).. I am planning to increase my allocation to Arbitrage funds (Good down side protection & better taxation)

  19. nitesh agarwal

    You are so intelligent 😊

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